ELITE programme

Strengthen your research and development in Hong Kong with the help of our ELITE programme. Receive funding to match your R&D expenditures, as well as our support to create a winning R&D culture within your company. Drive world-class innovation with us today.

Through the ELITE Programme, HKSTP offers generous subsidies to help local companies advance their proven R&D work in Hong Kong and to attract non-local start-ups of a defined scale to pursue the R&D of their innovative solutions based in Hong Kong Science Park.

The subsidies are equivalent to up to 50% of a candidate company’s R&D expenditures to a maximum of HK$20 million, plus up to HK$1.5 million of rental subsidies in the form of free rental at Hong Kong Science Park.

Eligibility Criteria

ELITE is open to applications from tech companies meeting the following conditions:

  1. Be a for-profit company incorporated and registered or committed to incorporate and register in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance;
  2. Has been established for at least two years in or outside Hong Kong or is a subsidiary of a company which has been established for at least two years in or outside Hong Kong;
  3. Must demonstrate that its technology is promising, has strong business growth potential and bring economic benefits to Hong Kong;
  4. Has no less than 30 employees globally prior to the lodging of the application;
  5. Be committed to spend at least HK$20 million incremental expenses (for Existing Company) or HK$ 40 million (for New Setup) in order to obtain the minimum subsidy amount of $10 million during the three-years programme period;
  6. Be committed to sign a lease agreement with HKSTP for a period of 6 years (3 years mandatory and 3 years where HKSTP has unilateral right to renew or terminate the lease) (“HKSTP Lease”).


Eligible applications will be evaluated by an Assessment Panel comprising independent experts in the technology sector, based on the following assessment criteria:

  1. Technology;
  2. Market Opportunity/Value Proposition;
  3. Management Capability;
  4. Economic Benefits/ Contributions/Impacts to Ecosystem; and
  5. Financial, Resources and Business Plan in HKSTP.

Please refer to the Programme Guide for details of the above criteria.


Application details will be announced in the first quarter of 2021. Please refer to the Programme Guide and sample application form and annex for preparing your submission.


There will be two cohorts in a calendar year starting from Q2 2021. Applications should be submitted within the period set out for each cohort. Details of the arrangement of each cohort will be provided in Q1 2021.

Who’s in

Find out more about the companies already admitted to the ELITE programme at pilot stage:



Download the FAQ to find out about eligibility, subsidy details, programme requirements and more about HKSTP’s ELITE Programme.












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