MARS Centre

Advancing Hong Kong’s Medical Supply Needs

Built to support Hong Kong’s “new industrialisation” ambitions, the MARS Centre (MARS) at Tai Po InnoPark is built for products that demand precision, hygiene and quality at all levels of the production cycle. The refurbished building addresses the need for modern, industrial spaces that meet highly specific manufacturing features and requirements. It joins other InnoPark facilities in forging new paths for fostering “Innovated, Designed, and Made in Hong Kong” creations.


Built for Precision, Hygiene and Quality

Apart from boosting the local capacity for supplying personal protective equipment, MARS is equipped to manufacture a broad range of high-quality medical products that demand superior levels of precision, hygiene, and quality throughout the production cycle with specific “built-to-fit” features:

Certified ISO-8 clean rooms

Epoxy flooring

Compressed air supply

24-hour AC chilled water supply

Industrial 3-phase power supply

Who Should Innofacture at MARS

Innofacturers looking to run critical, reliable processes for manufacturing medical goods can leverage MARS’ industry-ready production facilities. The Centre provides an ideal platform for industrialists engaged in the production of:

Medical accessory resilience supplies

Medical materials and equipment

Health products


Please complete and send us your “Expression of Interest”, or check out our Tender Notices to view the available premises.

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