MARS Centre

The new MARS Centre (MARS) at Tai Po INNOPARK is dedicated to producing medical accessory resilience supplies, medical equipment, materials and health products. Aimed at boosting the local capacity for supplying personal protective equipment, this refurbished industrial building is built for products demand precision, hygiene and quality at all levels of the production cycle.

With a gross floor area (GFA) of around 18,000 square meters, it is equipped with specific features that are “built-to-fit” for industry:

• Certified ISO-8 clean rooms
• Compressed air supply
• 24-hour AC chilled water supply
• Industrial 3-phase power supply
• Epoxy floor
• Floor loading of 7.5 kPa for industrial equipment

We work to continuously address the industry’s space needs. Built to promote re-industrialisation, MARS and other high-specification space and facilities in INNOPARK are forging new paths for “Innovated, Designed, and Made in Hong Kong” creations for a better future.

Please complete and send us your “Expression of Interest”, or check out our Tender Notices to view the available premises.

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