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What Is The Mentorship Programme?

We understand that each start-up faces unique challenges. This is why guidance from experienced mentors is key to safeguarding your startup’s future and setting you on the right path of success.

Leveraging our expansive network of entrepreneurs and professionals, HKSTP partners you up with established industry specialists. Glean crucial insights from trailblazers and pioneers, learn the success stories of their companies and tips on securing future business opportunities. The invaluable connections, timely advice, occasional checks---together with reassurance and encouragement from your mentor---will leapfrog you to success.

To help you navigate the startup journey, our mentors regularly review your progress and make adjustments for more tailored consultations.
We match you with seasoned mentors based on:
  • Your needs and objectives
  • Your field of interest, including industry and expertise focus
  • Your preferred level of engagement:

    1. Coaches offer goal-focused advice during a defined period
    2. Seasoned Mentors offer guidance and advice to startups on 1-year term
    3. Domain Experts help startups with project deliverables
    4. Entrepreneurs In Residence give practical advice on critical areas of growth such as business development and branding