HYAB : Youth Start-up Internship Programme 2024 (YSIP)


Searching for an enriching internship? Look no further than the HKSTP x HYAB : Youth Start-up Internship Programme 2024 (YSIP).

Co-organised by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and Home and Youth Affairs Bureau (HYAB), YSIP offers talented tertiary students 3-to-6-month internship opportunities at HKSTP’s start-ups according to students’ choice and background.

Get ready to immerse in the I&T community and gain insights into your future career path!

We welcome full-time tertiary students with any disciplines from a local post-secondary or tertiary institution in Hong Kong to join this internship programmes. You will be placed in a start-up based on your interest and academic background.

YSIP 2024 launched with great success - stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Programme Objectives

  • To provide tertiary students with work experiences in the start-up community so they are more likely to pursue careers in Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology (I&T) ecosystem;
  • To support start-ups in HKSTP’s Ideation and Incubation programmes in hiring tertiary student interns.

Programme Benefits

Under the internship programme, you will:

  • Gain early exposure for industrial needs;
  • Acquire practical skills and knowledge and authentic work experience;
  • Network with like-minded talents, professionals, and leaders in Hong Kong’s largest I&T ecosystem;
  • Join company/site visits and glimpse into the start-up culture at Hong Kong Science Park; and
  • Experience the unique “Work. Live. Play. Learn” culture.


We offer cross-disciplinary internship placements for STEM and non-STEM students (e.g. data analysis, software engineering, marketing, business development, customer service, design, etc.)

Programme Benefits

Gain early exposure for industrial needs
Acquire practical skills and knowledge and authentic work experience
Network with like-minded talents, professionals, and leaders in Hong Kong’s largest I&T ecosystem
Join company/site visits and glimpse into the start-up culture at Hong Kong Science Park
Experience the unique “Work. Live. Play. Learn” culture

Programme timeline

January - February 2024
Intership application and interview
February - March 2024
Internship commencement
March - August 2024
Company / site visits, networking opporutnities and etc.
Summer 2024
End of internship

Media Highlight


A PAW-sitively Great Day At SPARK Lounge!

Woof! Ten dog ambassadors had a furtastic time at the “Pet Technology Experience Day” we hosted in SPARK Lounge.

The adorable furry friends dipped their hands – we mean, paws! – into some cool pet innovations from our Park companies, including yummy treats and hygiene & health products. We also organised a pro trainer session for owners on human-dog interaction and socialisation.

These lucky ambassadors were also the first to check out Furtopia, our newly opened pet garden!

Explore our pet-friendly spaces at the Park via our link in bio – stay tuned for Furtopia updates!

#HKSTP #PropellingSuccess #HKSTPSPARK #PowerToPioneer #ParkLife #PetFriendly #Furtopia


狗狗於 SPARK Lounge的美好一天!

汪!十位狗狗大使在SPARK Lounge舉辦的「寵物科技體驗日」度過了一段美好的時光。


這些幸運的狗狗大使也成為了第一批參觀我們新開幕的寵物公園 — 寵愛點!


#香港科技園 #驅動成就 #寵物友善園區 #寵愛點


Can 2024 Be Your Year Of Super Growth?

As our EPiC contestants will soon be getting ready for the semi-pitches in Silicon Valley, Singapore, Stuttgart and Hong Kong, let’s hear what our corporate partners say about the next big thing in their industry!

Consider these great pointers for your next pitch – whether it’s in an elevator, in the boardroom, or on stage.

You still have three days to apply to EPiC 2024 – don’t miss Hong Kong’s most anticipated startup competition! Check out our link in bio.

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2024 年會不會成為你企業增長的關鍵?



你還有3天時間報名參加香港國際大型初創盛事EPiC 2024 – 把握最後機會透過我們IG頁面的連結參賽!

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Day & Night Innovative Vibes!

Good vibes will be on repeat—day and night—for our “InnoCarnival” and “Night IT Up” events from 28 Oct to 5 Nov!

This AI-generated clip unveils the thrilling day-to-night experience that awaits at the Park. Immerse yourself in the world of green innovation during the day ☀️, and share spook-tacular thrills with friends by night.🌙The evening grounds are open to pets too, so remember to bring along your furry companions for a howling good time! 🎃🐾

Pick your date, mark your calendar, and stay tuned for more updates via our link in bio!

#HKSTP #PropellingSuccess #DayAndNightInnovativeVibes #InnoCarnival2023



今個週末起至 11 月 5 日,我們將舉行「創新科技嘉年華」和「夜遊科園 — 萬聖節驚悚之夜」活動,帶來令人興奮的日夜體驗。


我們首個寵物公園「寵愛點」更會換上萬聖節裝飾,記得帶上毛孩前來「打卡」,分享美好時光! 🎃🐾


#香港科技園 #驅動成就 #玩創日與夜 #創新科技嘉年華2023


Optimistic, inspired and emboldened – the excitement was palpable at this year’s I&T Career Expo as a record-high of 6,000+ talents explored 3,000+ job opportunities from 300 park companies. More than half of them were offered interviews, hopeful to join the I&T-empowered future!