Check out 180 homegrown technologies, and “innofactured in Hong Kong” products by park companies at the I&T Bazaar. What’s more? Experience the future of shopping using HKSTP Pay, which is an innovative payment system that utilises palm vein technology for secure authentication and faster payments. Shop smart and witness the power of technology firsthand today! Register for HKSTP Pay here now.


HKSTP Pay is an innovative payment experience that utilises palm vein technology. Register for HKSTP Pay now in order to enjoy 5% off upon purchase at Happy Hong Kong I&T Bazaar. Please refer to the terms and conditions for details.

How to register for “HKSTP Pay”? Just a few easy steps!
How to register for "HKSTP Pay"

Step 1:

Download the HKSTP App.

Download here

Step 2:

Register / Log in with OnePass@HKSTP (“OnePass”)

  • Open HKSTP App, and select the “Me” section in order to register or log in with OnePass.


For existing OnePass users:

  • If you already have OnePass account, simply login directly.


For new OnePass users:

If you do not have an OnePass account yet, click “Sign up now”. You will be prompted to Input unique User ID, password, and nickname. Note: Password must be 8-16 characters long, containing small letters, capital letters and numbers. It also cannot contain the username. Note: Agreement to OnePass Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is required to continue.


Step 3:

Set up transaction password. Note: You must register and log into your OnePass account in order to set up a transaction password. Note: For first time users, you must accept the “Terms and Conditions” in order to proceed. Next, input your transaction password. This 6-digit password will be stored locally in your device, and is used whenever you make a payment via the App.


Step 4:

Add a credit card to the HKSTP App After setting up the transaction password, you may add a credit card to the App. Click “Add now”, and you will be directed to an external website. Input your credit card details. Note: A credit amount $0.1 will be charged at your credit card for authentication purposes. Your credit card will be reflected in the App afterward.


Step 5:

Note: The following steps must be completed in person at Science Park. Register your palm vein for HKSTP App onsite in order to make a purchase using your palm vein.


Q1. Why is my palm vein data being registered?

Palm vein authentication technology uses the unique palm vein pattern in a person's hand to verify their identity. It offers a high level of accuracy and security, and your palm vein data will be used for identity verification and transaction authorisation.

Q2. What should I do if my HKSTP PAY is stolen or there is a security breach?

Even if your palm vein data is stolen, it cannot be used for identity verification as it is a set of unidentifiable data. The palm vein data must be linked to your OnePass account for use with the electronic wallet in the HKSTP App.

If necessary, you can delete your palm vein data and unlink it from the electronic wallet in the HKSTP App at any time.

Q3. How long does the HKSTP PAY registration take?

The HKSTP PAY registration process takes approximately 1 to 3 minutes.

If you have not previously downloaded the HKSTP App, the registration process will take approximately 15 minutes.

Q4. Will the palm vein registration process cause any harm or discomfort to my palm?

No, the registration process uses an image sensor to capture vein patterns, which is non-invasive and does not cause any harm or discomfort to your palm.

Q5. Is it possible to register my palm vein data without authorisation?

No, as palm veins are located inside the body, it is not possible to scan your hand and register palm vein data without your knowledge.

Q6. Is there any age restriction for palm vein registration?

Due to the requirement of linking with a credit card in the electronic wallet, only individuals who hold a credit card are eligible for registering their palm vein.