Graduate Programme - Technology Leaders of Tomorrow

Technology Leaders of Tomorrow is HKSTP’s inspiring 12-month graduate programme (R&D Role) for Elite STEM Graduates. Jumpstart your Innovation and Technology (I&T) career and become the next-generation tech leaders in Hong Kong!

We're looking for determined achievers who are ready to throw themselves into major responsibilities from the very start and innovate with us together!

Suitable candidates will be recommended for a Research & Development role in one of our top partner companies at HKSTP. He/she will emerge on an inspiring journey with unparalleled exposure to the Hong Kong I&T ecosystem.

What you stand to gain

  • HKSTP’s Support
    • Mentoring and sharing from different HKSTP staff
    • Unique “Work. Live. Play. Learn” culture
  • Employer's Support
    • Hands-on innovation projects
    • Work alongside with startup founders and experts
  • Accommodation Support
    • Accommodation support for non-local talents at HKSTP co-living space (Subject to availability)
  • Career Development
    • Workshops at HKSTP
    • Sponsorship for external training

Candidates’ Characteristics

Technology Expertise
I&T Vision
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Strong Team Spirit
Effective Communications
Grit and Passion

Programme timeline

December 2023 - February 2024
March - May 2024
June 2024
July 2024

Are you the right talent?

  • University graduates (Bachelor / Master / PhD)
  • No more than 3 years of full-time working expereience
  • Welcome students in fianl year
  • Weclome graduates from universities around the globe

“The programme offered me unique exposure and insights into different parts of Hong Kong's I&T ecosystem, gradually shaping me as a T-shaped tech leader. This and the training provided by my host company gave me opportunities to explore and map out my career plan successfully."

Ivan Mang
Imperial College London, Huawei Technologies Limited, TLT 2020 Talent

“Under the programme, I have had numerous chances of speaking with start-up founders about business development strategies. This experience inspired me to think more comprehensively, from both business and technological perspectives, in a promising direction, together with clear and feasible actions.”

Mia Liu
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Infotronic Technology Limited, TLT 2021 Talent

“The C-level sharing sessions were extremely insightful. Learning about the C-levels’ experiences inspired me to develop a growth mindset, which has helped me in my everyday routine. I also learnt how to meet and exceed my superiors’ expectations and excel in my work.”

Babar Hussain
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, TCL Corporate Research (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, TLT 2022 Talent

“Participating in a TLT has taught me project management, agile development, communication, and problem-solving. These skills have helped me take on challenging tasks and collaborate with diverse individuals. I’m grateful for the growth opportunities and excited to continue learning to excel in my career.”

Edison Hou
City University of Hong Kong, TCL Corporate Research (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, TLT 2022 Talent

“The intensive training and internship were a fruitful journey. Workshops and projects polished my leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset. Through the TLT program, I made friends with like-minded people passionate about I&T."

Gwinky Yip
The University of Hong Kong, TCL Corporate Research (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, TLT 2022 Talent