Asia’s #1 IPO city for biotech

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)

World’s #2
emerging ecosystem

2023 Startup Genome Emerging Ecosystems

Top 10 worldwide frontier tech readiness

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Why build a tech business in Hong Kong?

Vibrant tech ecosystem

An entrepreneurial spirit, efficiency and a “can-do” attitude drives Hong Kong's active startup scene.

World-class business infrastructure

Government support, a common law system, low taxation and strong IP protection help businesses grow.

An accelerating digital economy

A digital city where the spirit of innovation drives day-to-day living.

A launchpad to Asian & global markets

Accessible, affordable healthcare – the cornerstone of a thriving community – ensures well-being for all.

The only Common Law jurisdiction in China

"One Country, Two Systems" is highly regarded by the business community and foreign investors.

A strong R&D talent pool

Hong Kong is the only Asian city to have five universities among the world's top 100.