The 3-year incubation programme does not primarily focus on research. Tech ventures join the programme to commercialise their products, successfully enter the market, and gain commercial value from their innovations. This is a cornerstone startup incubator experience.



Managed by the Institute for Translational Research, the four-year Incu-Bio Programme nurtures the development of biomedical tech startups in Hong Kong.

As a leading Hong Kong startup incubator, connect with regulatory support and stakeholders in investment to execute the perfect business plan. Access state-of-the-art and critical laboratories along your journey of translational research. Alleviate R&D costs with financial support up to HK$6 million.

Join Asia’s most thriving biotech hub and kickstart your journey with us now.


Our support services

Facilities and supporting services

With reduced overhead costs, startups can funnel their resources into R&D to fast-track their development process. Conduct research using our lab and support services tailored to industry needs, a hallmark of our incubation programme.

Technical and management support

Unlock opportunities to conduct joint R&D projects with universities and make licensing purchases from them. Access university library services, post jobs on the HKSTP website, and attract fresh talent through our career platform. Monitor and safeguard your progress with technical and management training, which are essential for any startup incubator.

Promotion and development assistance

Take advantage of our exhibition, product launch, press, and media services to effectively promote and advertise your business. Showcase your technology and products to the HKSTP community and beyond. Additionally, benefit from connecting with our professional services partners, including legal and CPA services, to efficiently manage all aspects of your business.

Business support

Obtain comprehensive business support through consulting with experts who can assist you in creating a compelling business plan with traction. Seek their guidance on go-to-market strategies. Participate in match-making events that facilitate connections between startups and mentors, potential investors, technology partners, product distributors, and industry collaborators, fostering a robust startup community.

Financial aid

Receive a customised aid package to help minimise operational, business development, and maintenance costs, a significant benefit offered by our incubation programme.