Corporate Partnerships

The fear of lagging behind haunts every business.
Digital transformation allows you to stay ahead of the game and lead in any competitive landscape.

Our partners have exclusive access to our network of 1,000+ startups, their countless ideas, and their innovative solutions for taking our partners’ business to the next level.  We work with different partners along this transformative journey and tailor our services to their business objectives. One of our most powerful collaborative platforms is our bespoke co-incubation programme, where our partners’ business challenges would be addressed with next-gen solutions developed by our startups.

Embrace innovation and technology like our partners have already done. Schedule a meeting with our professional team now to learn how we can help you grow your business. Email us at now!

Solution Scouting

Matching market-proven solutions and new technologies across the globe that address your problem statements and business challenges

Virtual Lab

Making data-driven decisions by testing your innovation idea in the virtual environment before implementation; also supporting effective data collection

Living Lab

Scenario-based innovation is the key to tailor-made solutions

Proof-of-Concept at your site enables the co-creation of first-mover solutions

Investment Referral

Extend your investment network to local and regional startup ecosystems to effectively identify new investment opportunities with the next unicorns

HKSTP Portal

HKSTP Portal is a business matching platform connecting corporate partners seeking tech solutions with our diverse portfolio of over 150 innovative ventures enabling efficient exploration of market-ready solutions. We cover key industries like Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Construction & Real Estate, Government, and Mobility & Logistics.

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