Microelectronics Centre

Small Wonders, Big Impact: Microelectronics Making a Real Impact

An ever-present part of life, micro-electronics have revolutionised the way we live, work, and communicate. From smartphones to smart homes, medical equipment, robotics, logistics, transportation and space exploration, these miniature wonders, can be a few micrometres in width or even smaller, silently inhabit and empower the core functionalities of our indispensable devices.

The pursuit of smaller sizes in micro-electronics can lead to greater capabilities, enhanced performance, portability and functionality, and expanded possibilities. Hiding in plain sight, micro-electronics allow us to make calls, send messages, write emails, and update social media posts that connect millions of people every day. Medical professionals monitor vital signs, detect disease, cure illness, create prosthetics and insert implants that restore vital human abilities, all with the wonders of modern micro-electronics. Thermal imaging, light and motion, devices of leisure and pleasure; personal or professional, wearable or virtual, microelectronics make magic moments here, there and everywhere.

Microelectronics Perfecting Every Aspect of Our Daily Lives

Here, you’ll see there’s no limit to the contributions microelectronics make. Improving the quality of life, exciting retail and shopping experiences, next-level entertainment, personal care, and well-being, they continue to innovate and make life great.



The microelectronics and semiconductor industry is currently the leading industrial technology attracting billions of dollars in manufacturing and research investments. Leveraging Hong Kong’s strong research capability in 3rd generation semiconductor materials, the Microelectronics Centre (MEC) in Yuen Long InnoPark supports the industry development and pilot production of the industry’s “3rd generation” products—technologies driven by data-centric networks and collaborative research among leading universities and institutes from Hong Kong and around the globe.

1. First-class, highly-concentrated microelectronics research cluster

2. Proven mechanism to commercialise research

3. Advanced infrastructure of science parks, universities, and Government-backed facilities

4. Generous funding to support innovation and growth

5. Business-friendly environment – Free trade port, low tax, and strong IP protection regime

6. Access to new markets in the GBA and via global free trade agreements


Committed to Innofacturing Tomorrow, HKSTP, through the MEC, supports the city’s vision to be a world-leading powerhouse of microelectronics innovation and talent, an ambition that has been instrumental to Hong Kong’s “new industrialisation” efforts. The facility will advance the transformation of R&D into economic outcomes while attracting overseas microelectronics companies to Hong Kong, maximising Hong Kong’s unique strengths in the microelectronics space.



Providing world-class infrastructure and shared ancillary facilities, MEC enables small and large semiconductor enterprises to reliably bring their innovative microelectronics products to market while minimising their costs and environmental impact. MEC empowers licensees to:

Capture advanced semiconductor opportunities by providing pilot scale production plants

Reduce their CAPEX investment by providing pre-fabricated cleanroom with DG storage and piping, waste treatment, additional space for licensees’ MEP/waste/special systems, as well as a shared QC and Reliability Lab

Catalyse commercialisation by enabling partnerships between industries and local R&D institutions to establish pilot production lines with R&D lab capabilities in the premises

Manufacturing support areas:
Lightweight workshops
Clean rooms for semiconductor fabrication / manufacturing
Communal support areas
Semiconductor fabrication support facilities:
Centralised e-gas supply
Communal DG storage
Dedicated chemical waste and sewage treatment system
Analytical and reliability testing lab

Award-Winning Facilities

MEC strives to embrace efficient and sustainable construction solutions as it works to serve the growing needs of the microelectronics industry. It has been recognised with an Honorable Mention at the Autodesk Hong Kong Building Information Modelling (BIM) Awards 2022 for its use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in its Yuen Long Effluent Polishing Plant (YLEPP) transformation project.



MEC facilitates research-to-innofacturing (R2I) and talent development through the pilot-scale production of new-generation microelectronics. Innofacturing ideas into economic impact through future-ready innovations from Hong Kong to the world, it is an ideal platform for these manufacturing activities or industries:

Solid-state electronics, power, and photonics

Integrated circuits and systems

Biomedical microelectronics systems

Wireless communications and networking microsystems

Semiconductor advanced packaging and testing

Sensing, control, AI and robotics microelectronics systems

Other relevant microelectronics industries


Please complete and send us your “Expression of Interest”, or check out our Tender Notices to view the available premises.


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