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Institute for Translational Research (ITR)

With life expectancy on the rise, staying healthy has become increasingly important for the world population. At HKSTP, we are in a race against time to discover a healthier world for our next generation.

The medicines and treatments of tomorrow will offer fewer side effects, fewer hospitalizations, enhancing quality of life, and most importantly, extending lives for patients, so that they can create more memories with their loved ones. In collaboration with the government, regulatory bodies, the academia and our biomedical companies within our ecosystem, we are going great lengths to redefine the future of healthcare.  

The Institute for Translational Research (ITR) is commissioned to drive this transformation in healthcare, by expediting the translation of innovative biomedical technologies to benefit the patients and our society.

  • To expedite the translation of biomedical technologies to benefit the public

  • To instill researchers with entrepreneurial mindset and skills for translational research

  • To establish Hong Kong as a preeminent hub for translational research and development

Programs enabling biotech startups at every stage

With our deep knowledge of our startups’ needs, we have built, and are continuously building, customer-centric programs to enable every journey. Supporting a wide spectrum of technologies at every stage, our core facilities are second to none, with some of these state-of-the-art facilities exclusively available at the Hong Kong Science Park.

We build the best ecosystem to make every entrepreneurial journey easier. Marketplace is a one-stop-shop of over 150 professional services exclusively for our startups. With 1,000+ startups within our ecosystem, our network is one powerful group of customers that will truly test out your professional offerings.

Join our 90+ world-renowned partners who have benefitted from the scale of our startup community. Engage our startups from the beginning, and make them your loyal customers before they become the next unicorn. Contact our Marketplace team at marketplace@hkstp.orgto find out more.

Technology Type

  Discovery Pre-Clinical IND IND : Investigational New Drug Clinical
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
NDA/MAA NDA: New Drug Application
MAA: Marketing Authorization Application
Biomedical Technology Support Center (BSC)                
Chemical Co-working(CCC)                
Biobank and Histopathology Services                
Good Laboratory Practice Drug Safety Testing Center (DSC) *                
Medical Device Testing Lab                
Sensor Lab                
STP platform                
MedTech Co-create Programme                    
Clinical Translational Catalyst (CTC)                
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) (Biologics) *                
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) (cells) *                
Healthy ageing platform                

* First in Hong Kong

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 Where science meets business

Any significant medical discovery will not succeed without a viable business model and a growth strategy plan. We offer experiential learning with a key objective of enabling a growth and entrepreneur mind-set for our startups.

Your success is always at the top of our minds. Our bespoke Lean Launcher programme is designed to enable scientists and researchers to formulate an executable business model, which will further prepare you for the successful commercialization. In close partnership with the local and international universities, we are creating synergies for our biomedical technology communities in Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area and beyond.

Thriving biotech hub in Asia Pacific

Being one of the best enablers for biomedical startups in the region, we have the power to connect you with the academia, investors, partners and the biotech communities to offer the most needed support at every stage along this transformative journey.

At our interconnected ecosystem, the world’s leading universities will support your early-stage research and scientific discoveries, while our unmatched facilities will empower the development of your biomedical discoveries. Crowned as the world’s number two biotech funding hub, Hong Kong will give you access to limitless investment and partnership opportunities.

We are the agent of change in this ever-changing healthcare landscape. Are you ready to join us to build a healthier world together? Get in touch with our professional team at to learn more.

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