We operate programmes that serve as incubators and accelerators with a vision to make your dream a reality in Hong Kong. Whether you only have a brilliant idea or are one of the established startups that are looking to scale up, our incubation and acceleration programmes can take your business to the next level.

Shortlisted incubatees will have access to the most wanted essential skills to launch their new ventures, either from our professional team or through our mentorship programme. Aside from giving a comprehensive introduction to Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem, we provide a wide range of training workshops to improve your technical skills, from business model design to investor pitching. You will also have unlimited opportunities to get inspired by other entrepreneurs and partners at our networking events.

Choose HKSTP as Your Incubators Or Accelerators in Hong Kong

We take pride in witnessing the success of 850+ incubation graduates, among which 80% are still in business, and 4 have filed an IPO. As the top incubator in the region, we nurture and grow startups who share the same vision of making a better world.

Choose the right programme to nurture your business

If you have a great startup idea and are looking to take your business to the next level in Hong Kong, HKSTP offers a variety of programmes to help you achieve your goals. Depending on the stage of your business, you can choose from our incubation, acceleration, or elite programmes, tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you are in the early ideation stage of your startup, our Ideation programme can help you assess the market readiness for your idea. Once you're ready to develop your product, our Incubation programme can help with product development and commercialisation solutions. For high-flyers looking to advance their business growth, we can provide the necessary support and expertise as an accelerator through our relevant programme. And finally, our Elite programme is designed for mature startups that are ready to take their business to global markets.

With the HKSTP programmes, you'll have access to everything you need, from skills training to networking opportunities, to achieve your business dreams.

Programme overview & entitlement

Description A programme designed to turn your wild idea into a scalable business. Get challenged and inspired by our team of experts on your idea’s market readiness. Product development and solution commercialisation are the key success factors at this stage. We are here to prepare you for unprecedented business growth.


If you are a biotech startup, join this tailor-made incubation programme to nurture and grow your idea to make a better, healthier world.
Business acceleration is programmed in this stage for high-flyers. Our team has the know-how to advance the growth and profitability of your business. Your product is ready to shine on the world stage after ongoing experiment and refinement. Together, we will take your business to new heights and make you a global tech giant.
Funding & support Up to HK$100,000

Up to HK$1.3million
General startups

Up to HK$6 million
Biotech startups

Up to HK$4.8million Up to HK$21.5million
Programme duration 1 year General startups (3 years)

Biotech startups (4 years)
2 years 3 years
Infrastructure Programme overview & entitlement Admission schedule & criteria On-site office On-site office
Plus access to specialized labs, meeting venues and other facilities in HKSTP ecosystem
Other services Talent & mentorship programmes | startup networking events | business training workshops | business matching opportunities | corporate partnership programmes | fundraising opportunities

Admission schedule & criteria

Application timeline Jan, May & Sep Year-round Mar & Sep By invitation only
Business valuation N/A Up to US$5 million< US$5 - $50 million US$50 - $100 million
Company registration HK registered company

Person in charge is HKID holder
HK registered company HK registered company HK registered company
Years of incorporation 2 years old or less General startups
5 years or less

Biotech startups
2 years or less
No limitation 2 years old or more
Minimum employees Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Worldwide
Individual, team or registered company

General startups
2 full-time employees
(min. 50% technical staff)

Biotech startups
2 full-time employees
(min. 50% technical staff)

No more than 100 employees
(min. 50% technical staff)
No less than 30 employees
(min. 50% technical staff)
Programme fee N/A N/A Variable-rate option
(no more than 5%)
Variable-rate equity
(SAFE model)
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Ready to be the next unicorn with the support from an incubator or accelerator? If you have questions or are looking to learn more about our signature incubation and acceleration programmes, please reach out to us for further enquiries. The secret to your success begins now. Apply today!

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