Passion Matters

Every entrepreneur has a dream.
A dream to make a difference to the world and make your contribution count.

The path to your dream may seem long and winding at times.
But your unwavering passion will take you there.

The road to success is a journey never stop believing.
We are here to offer the most coveted startup ecosystem to support and inspire you.

We have the atmosphere to motivate and push you further.
We have the opportunities to ignite your passion and find your purpose.
We have built an unmatched ecosystem to make you succeed.

None of us is better than all of us. We are your partner in success. We are with you on your startup journey.
Together, we will make your dream a reality.

We are here to discover new possibilities with our community.
Follow your passion, and join us on this transformative mission.


Infrastructure is an essential element of any successful startup and corporation.
As an enabler, we are always strengthening the groundwork that helps our startups and park companies to achieve their dreams.

We build the most modern, efficient and reliable infrastructure to prepare your business to grow.
We’ve built a unique set of physical and virtual infrastructure that cannot be found elsewhere.
Our best-in-class biomedical labs, city-wide virtual sandbox, themed facilities in our industrial estates, and many more exceptional infrastructure are built to attract the best startups. 

The top trending infrastructure for startups and tech ventures awaits you.
Set foot in our ecosystem, and make great strides in your startup journey.
We invest in the enablers, so you can focus on building your dreams.

Incubation & Acceleration Programmes

We don’t like fluff.
We only have the most result-oriented incubation and acceleration programmes that help startups at every stage—from conceptualising ideas to getting ready to become the next unicorn.

We inspire entrepreneurs to believe what is possible with our tested and proven formula for success.
We are Hong Kong’s largest technology incubator, with over 1,400 current and graduated incubatees. We co-incubate with some of the world’s leading corporations, and across industries and technologies, to offer unique transformative programmes to our startups. We enable them to become global players.

Enroll in our programmes to kick off your startup journey with us, and
let the magic begin.

Funding & Capital

Funds and capital are the lifeblood of a startup.
They are fundamental to taking your business to the next level.

With scaling up your business in mind, we create the best environment for you to get access to the right resources at the right time.

We build the largest network of active private and institutional investors, and we share our deep knowledge for reaching a wide array of government funding programmes.

We are here to solve one of the hardest parts of your startup journey.
We are your one-stop shop for funding and capital matters.

Corporate Partnerships

Without the interest of the market, an innovative idea is only an unrealised dream.

Through our co-incubation programmes, we connect our startups with top technology and industry leaders of the world.
We enable them to gain access to our partners’ global sales networks and world-changing technologies.
We empower our partners to source innovative solutions and investment opportunities they cannot find elsewhere.

HKSTP is growing our network of corporate partners with unmatched scale.
Rapid growth is achievable in our ecosystem, for any startup or enterprise of any size.
Join our ecosystem to grab the opportunities we are creating for our community.

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