HKSTP is dedicated to bringing your ideas to fruition.

If you specialise in technological application, deep tech or biotechnology, INCUBATION programmes are your next step in founding your own company.

We’ve witnessed the success of more than 850 incubation graduates, among which 80% are still in business and 4 have filed an IPO. With over 1,000 intellectual properties applications filed and more than 630 awards obtained, at HKSTP, achieve today what others will achieve tomorrow.

Our Programmes

Our Incubation Programmes are tailored for incubator to startups of different industries and technologies. Choose the right one for you today.


The three-year Incubation Programme aims at helping technology startups specialising in deep tech research to develop innovative solutions.

Work in our furnished office spaces, access world-class R&D equipment and lab services across our campus. Find mentors, strategic partners and investors and receive professional guidance from your designated account manager. Satisfy your R&D and business development needs with financial aid up to HK$1.29 million. 

Taking your business to new heights has never been easier! Apply now, and be part of our unmatched innovation and technology ecosystem!


Managed by our Institute for Translational Research, the four-year Incu-Bio Programme nurtures the development of biomedical tech startups in Hong Kong.

Connect with regulatory support and stakeholders in investment to execute the perfect business plan. Access state-of-the-art and critical laboratories along your journey of translational research. Alleviate R&D costs with financial support up to HK$6 million.

Join Asia’s most thriving biotech hub and kick start your journey with us now.

Our Support Services

Office Space and Facilities

With reduced overhead costs, startups can funnel their resources into R&D to fast track their development process. Conduct research using our lab and support services tailored to industry needs.

Technical and Management Support

Unlock opportunities to conduct joint R&D projects with universities and make licensing purchases from them. Access university library services, post jobs on the HKSTP website and attract fresh talent through our career platform. Monitor and safeguard your progress with technical and management training.

Promotion and Development Assistance

Utilise our exhibition, product launch, press and media services  to promote and advertise your business. Showcase your technology and products to the HKSTP community through the “First@SciencePark” or “Smart Campus” programmes. Seek legal consultation to stay informed.

Business Support 

Consult experts on creating the perfect business plan with traction. Get their advice on go-to-market planning, funding strategy and application. Attend matchmaking events that connect startups with potential investors, technology partners, product distributors, and industry partners for business and collaboration opportunities. Obtain professional qualifications and corporate memberships to boost your company credentials. 

Financial Aid

Receive a customised aid package to help minimise operational, business development and maintenance costs. 


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