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HKSTP was commissioned in 2016 by the HKSAR government to develop Data Technology Hub (DT Hub) in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate (TKOIE), with the vision to evolve Hong Kong into a data economy and drive industrial upgrades. In recent years, re-industrialization has become a strategic initiative of the government to identify potential new area of economic growth for Hong Kong.  Apart from advanced manufacturing processes, the development of high-value added software, big data and AI are also critical to the process of Hong Kong's re-industrialization.

DT Hub aims to accommodate uses ancillary or complementary to the data transfer operations and global telecommunications at the data centres and switching centres at TKOIE and Hong Kong. Special features will be designed to cater for data centre support, multi-media processing, as well as R&D activities in these fields.

DT Hub is building an ideal environment for democratizing data technology, with a modern and advanced architectural design, highest quality specifications, professional convention and exhibition area, communal space and a collaborative work environment, poised to be an attraction for information and communication technology (ICT) organizations. HKSTP also extends its comprehensive support programs for the innovation and technology (I&T) ecosystem to assist partners seeking to turn their data assets into genuine value and competitive advantage to accelerate their transformation.


Close Proximity to the Cluster of Data Centres

Located at the heart of the TKOIE data centre cluster with the state-of-the-art data infrastructure, DT Hub is a purpose-built space with a total gross floor area (GFA) of over 290,000 square feet, including a 220,000 square-feet data-centric working space supporting data research and technology development.

Transforming data into business value can only be realized with the process of extraction and analysis. DT Hub is a modern business infrastructure completely optimized for rapid and critical access and processing of data, with dedicated efforts put into architectural design, space design and allocation, electricity connection, floor loading, interior design, communal facilities and transportation networks.

Located at the heart of a data centre cluster, DT Hub is a smart architecture with high speed network and transmission capability, bundled with built-in dedicated private trunk and a massive number of dark fibre ready for setting up dedicated low-latency and fault tolerant fibre optical rings communications between data centres. TKOIE is also adjacent to landing stations of major submarine cable systems, DT Hub can build high speed transmission with any strategic location in Hong Kong with minimum hops, high reliability and super low latency.

DT Hub is close to where major organizations implement their Business Continuity Planning (BCP), in which vast amount of information is archived as backup at data centres. Increasingly, data scientists are extracting value of historical data for predictive analytics and data modelling. It is also commonplace that organizations leverage their real time business data for hybrid research, in which security and proximity of computing power is critical. DT Hub is well positioned to provision the network infrastructure, security and high availability for the implementation of data researches.

World-class Infrastructure tailored for ICT Companies

Extracting value from huge volume of data involves a highly robust and leading-edge infrastructure with stable electricity power supply network that can provide enormous computing power and support data transmission with high reliability.

DT Hub enables communal high-performance computing (HPC) and GPU parallel computing platforms for big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning. With a low data egress and model training costs, DT Hub helps your organisation leverage AI and machine-learning capabilities tailored to your objectives, such as operational optimization and production automation.

DT Hub features world-class power infrastructure with dual feeds for high availability. The TKOIE area is powered by electricity substations with a capacity of 150 MVA to ensure reliable power supply. DT Hub is designed with a floor loading of 5-7.5 kPa, minimum clear ceiling height of 3.5 metres (with an additional 400mm raised floor) for installation of extra height/heavy rack enclosures and uncluttered cable management.

Integration to Comprehensive HKSTP Ecosystem

HKSTP is Hong Kong’s largest R&D base, focusing on translational research, product development and go-to-market support for both local and overseas markets. HKSTP has deepened its focus in four strategic areas – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Biomedical, Data and Smart City, Fintech – to drive innovation and nurture talents. By aligning with HKSTP’s I&T ecosystem, DT Hub partners will be backed by the full range of HKSTP’s value-added services and support programs such as access to early stage investment/technology, talent hiring, business expansion, and the upcoming GPU computing platform.

DT Hub partners will primarily come from the core areas of: ICT services, fintech, IoT, multi-media processing, data centre support and data technology players, all converging to create a data-centric synergy to facilitate collaboration, drive innovation and extend business connections. DT Hub is adjacent to the entire value chain of IoT and edge computing development, including cloud computing, hosting services, global telecoms, Internet services, 5G and IoT network/device operators. This tight weave of network assets and capabilities creates a cooperative environment to orchestrate cloud computing, network operations and edge services to improve product lifecycle management.

Situated next to DT Hub is Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC). AMC is a major initiative to support the development of re-industrialisation, offering a scalable, efficient and serviced manufacturing space for industries of any scale to embark on technological innovation, high value-added and low volume but highly customised production with the application of advanced manufacturing or testing processes.

With the capabilities of advanced manufacturing from AMC and research and development from Science Park, DT Hub will effectively drive the development of the entire I&T supply chain – from science and technology, to research and development, and eventually industrialisation. By introducing a technology-driven transformation into the Industrial Estates, we will build a more vibrant and sustainable environment for local R&D development and I&T ecosystem.​




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