We build integrated and interconnected infrastructure for the ecosystem, fostering collaboration and idea exchange among corporations, the academia and other community partners. We offer the most unique and comprehensive infrastructure for a diverse range of startups and enterprises, across disciplines and technologies.

Make a mark on the world map, and let us be the launchpad for your expansion into the world’s fastest growing region.



Constantly evolving into a global beacon of innovation and technology, HKSTP is where the most passionate game changers exchange ideas to spark world-unique innovation.

We are home to multidisciplinary research facilities, innovation spaces for businesses of all sizes, and a flagship co-living space that provides affordable accommodation for our community. This is one unique startup playground that does not exist elsewhere.

Science Park at a glance:

  • Provides 4 million sq.ft. (equivalent to 70 football fields) of R&D office and labs for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Home to 1,700+ tech enterprises and companies from 26 countries and regions.
  • With a 21,000+ working population, 14,000+ of which are R&D professionals.

We offer the highest quality environment and culture for committed startups and enterprises. Join us and make waves at the region’s epicentre of innovation. Email us at to find out more.


Kowloon Tong

Conveniently situated in Kowloon, 20 minutes away from Science Park, InnoCentre is an integral part of our innovation and technology ecosystem, and an extension of our FinTech-focused amenities. We offer the highest level of convenience for startups and enterprises alike, housing three co-working spaces exclusively for our current incubatees and incubation programme graduates.

InnoCentre is our downtown landmark grooming innovators and startups of tomorrow. Email us at to discover more.

Co-working Spaces

Embracing flexibility, especially in the ever-changing world of innovation, is one of the key success factors for any startup. We are committed to offer startups and tech ventures the most flexible yet inspiring office solutions, by building a wide array of co-working spaces within our ecosystem.

From individual workstations to private rooms, our co-working spaces are built to meet the diverse needs of startups at every stage. With accelerating your business in mind, we create a cost-effective and agile working environment where you and the community can come together, collaborate, and inspire each other.

Get connected and motivated at one of our co-working spaces now. Email us at to find out more.



We take pride in building an experimental culture within our ecosystem. The more you experiment as a startup, the faster you learn, and the faster you can drive growth.

We offer the most coveted world-class lab space to test your ideas, moving you one step closer to your dreams.
Startups within our network enjoy specialised labs staffed with technical experts dedicated to serving your practical needs.

Strategically located within Science Park, the labs welcome usage on an on-demand, flexible basis. Discover our lab resources including some of the unique facilities that exist only here. Email us at to get access to the state-of-the-art facilities we built for our community.

STP Platform

While Hong Kong is geographically small, we are embarking on one of the biggest ambitions never seen in any city before. We are building a city-wide sandbox, where the largest players from our strongest ecosystems collaborate to power up the next evolution of Hong Kong.

We invite Hong Kong’s biggest economic growth drivers—property, financial and I&T businesses—to build with us the biggest virtual lab on earth.

Together, we create, collect and connect some of the largest data sets on the STP Platform, merging physical and virtual worlds, to bring everyone’s dreams to life and change the world’s innovation and technology paradigm.

STP Platform demonstrates our determination to go the extra mile in R&D in this ever-changing world of innovation. We need forward thinkers and trendsetters like you to join us. Email us at to be part of the biggest virtual lab.


InnoCell is a smart living and co-creation space for sparking collaboration among I&T talents at Hong Kong Science Park. It supports of our vision to develop an I&T co-creation community.

Designed to perfectly balance aesthetic and function, InnoCell offers a new way of living aligned with many residents’ needs. The shared spaces and smart-living technologies encourage greater interaction and collaboration, creating a genuine sense of community for like-minded talents to inspire one another and make a positive impact.

InnoPark by HKSTP

We are innofacturing Hong Kong through advanced manufacturing. Our three InnoParks in Tseung Kwan O, Yuen Long and Tai Po are home to tech-driven facilities for large-scale production.

  • Tseung Kwan O InnoPark
    The 75-hectare Tseung Kwan O InnoPark has a specialised waterfront area for marine access / marine access-related projects. With berthing facilities, this site is well suited for heavy industries, as well as lighter commercial manufacturing and IT / ICT-related services. Key projects include Data Technology Hub (DT Hub) and Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC).
  • Yuen Long InnoPark
    This 67-hectare site caters to a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals and biomedical production to logistics services. Key project includes Microelectronics Centre (MEC).
  • Tai Po InnoPark
    Primarily for companies in the areas of food manufacturing, media services and lifestyle goods, the 75-hectare Tai Po InnoPark is currently home to local and international brands. Key projects include Precision Manufacturing Centre (PMC) and MARS Centre.

Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park (HSITP)

Your bridge to Greater Bay Area, Mainland China, and resources across the border, the soon-to-be-established HSITP will offer ample space for you to grow. The upcoming new campus, strategically located at the Lok Ma Chau Loop, is four times the scale of Hong Kong Science Park. Here, you’ll get first-hand access to the Greater Bay Area’s manufacturing capabilities and talent pool.

If you are interested in setting up an R&D base in the above location, please get in touch with us.