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Superluminal Technology Limited

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Superluminal Technology Limited is a business based software production house specializing in digitalizing and streamlining enterprise with our full-stack IT solution. We develop internal operation system (e.g. ERP, Warehouse system), sales-related system (e.g. POS, CRM) and promotion tools (e.g. apps, website).

We develop with the latest technology with high development efficiency. By using a blend of proprietary algorithms and machine learning capabilities, we aim to help each organisation in automating their risky processes, providing data analysis and thus, increase the efficiency and mitigate operational risk.

We aim to applys new technologies and innovations with available resources in order to help our clients compete in the marketplace of traditional institutions and intermediaries in the delivery of services.

Superluminal Technology Limited developed a product FinSolu, which provides a full-stack IT solution aims at assisting a company to reduce operation cost, increase sales, and most importantly, enhance the ability of financing. FinSolu specializes in digitalizing and streamlining enterprise. FinSolu provides client with internal operation system (e.g. ERP, Warehouse system), sales-related system (e.g. POS, CRM), promotion tools (e.g. mobile apps, website) and other IT system. We also provide data analytics. The info for approval from financial leasing entity, KPI that are most appeal to investors, and figures that are important for auditing are all analyzed and visualized clearly on the dashboard.