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Mizar International Consultant Limited

+852 69983203
Mr. Roy Tsang

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Mizar focuses on leveraging latest IoT Technology, with Big Data and AI to provide solutions for community, families and individuals for improving quality of life for Elderly, Disabled and Schoolkids.

Comprehensive IoT solutions include device development, data collection and analytics. Mizar provides services from the edge to the cloud, users can integrate and build various IoT programs according to your needs. Through the application program, it is convenient for the organization to manage the nursing center, rehabilitation center and campus, and to facilitate family care at home.

Location Tracking System “Orbit” consists of wearable objects, gateways and centralized analytic systems. Users can track targets by mobile apps, web portal or centralized dashboard. The size of wearable is tiny enough to integrate with any forms of products such as sticks, wheelchairs or schoolbags, with superb long battery life. “Orbit” can cover 99% of dedicated areas for indoors and outdoors. Organization can modify resource planning by the analytic report from systems in order to maximize the utilization of manpower and equipment. Tracking information can also be shared to family members for caring purpose.