1. The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation’s (“HKSTP”) attention has recently been drawn to the fact that certain companies have provided or contained information on their websites or in their company documents claiming that their offices are located at the Hong Kong Science Park (“Science Park”) or otherwise they have presence at the Science Park when in fact this is not the case.
  2. HKSTP has not allowed or authorised anyone not being a tenant or licensee of the Science Park to make reference to the Science Park as office address or otherwise have presence thereat.
  3. If you have come across any companies which claimed or indicated that they have an office located at the Science Park or in any way relating to or associated with the Science Park, we urge you to be vigilant against fraudulence by conducting necessary due diligence to verify such claim or indication and report the matter to the Police in case of suspicious fraudulence.
  4. HKSTP disclaims any liability of whatever nature for any loss and damage that one may suffer in relation to or arising out of any unauthorised claim or indication that any company is in any way related to or associated with the Science Park.