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Squaredog Robotics Limited

+852 9195 7073
Ms. Angela Yuen

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SquareDog Robotics is an award-winning Hong Kong-based technology company specialising in smart service robots, developed with the latest knowhow in artificial intelligence and robotic automation. Formerly Welbot Technology, the company holds global renown for creating the world’s first and only welding robot to be used on-site for construction.

The world’s first site-ready welding robot revolutionising construction work.
- Minutes to Set Up: Novice workers can quickly and easily produce consistent quality at the WPS certification level.
- Productivity Goes Up, Costs Go Down: Since 2019, usage has shown a 25% rise in productivity and up to 65% reduced costs compared to traditional welding works.
- Successful ROI in Two Years: Compared to conventional manual welding, Robo Welder can save 25% cost per day.


Launched in 2019, SQD’s world-first construction site-ready welding robot has assisted in a number of public and private commercial developments including the Redevelopment of Kwong Wah Hospital, New Acute Hospital at Kai Tak (Site A), 2 Murray Road Development Project, 3rd Runway Construction Site, etc. For updated project reference, please browse