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Leach International Asia Pacific Limited

Mr. Wayne Hui

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In 1919, Val LEACH founded the LEACH Corporation which manufactured the first electromechanical relays for severe environments. Since then, many generations of LEACH relays have been developed, the name LEACH very quickly becoming the industry standard reference, synonymous with Quality.
Nowadays, LEACH INTERNATIONAL Europe is the world's largest manufacturer of relays, contactors, pressure switches, and aerospace and aircraft switches, many specifically designed for severe environments.
LEACH INTERNATIONAL products are now traded in most countries of the world. Not content with success in the design and production of traditional components, LEACH INTERNATIONAL Europe has diversified its product range over the last 25 years to include electrical equipment and assembly for aeronautic and railway business. Most of these applications use LEACH components, from relay boards and panels to power distribution units.
LEACH International Asia Pacific based in Hong Kong, Asian operations, oversee the designing, manufacturing and marketing of a broad line of products for the Asia-Pacific region, as well as for strategic offerings to the European and American markets. Asian facilities maintain ISO 9001:2008, certification and other USA and European customer approvals.

MIL and CECC qualifies subminiature relays, GFI relays and time delays
AC/DC contactors including ELCUs and smart contactors
Solid state power controllers and related assemblies
Illuminated panels, indicators and keyboards
AC/DC primary and secondary power distribution assemblies, panels and relay boxes