Incubation Programme

Nurturing the next-generation of tech leaders.

What is Incubation Programme ?

HKSTP’s Incubation programme helps technology startups develop their first solutions from early stage technical builds, market exploration and business development. This 3-year programme offers comprehensive services including funding and R&D support, mentorship, investor matching and more.

We understand the challenges that tech startups face in creating a world-changing product. That’s why we will help you every step of the way and bring your dreams to life.

What will Incubation Programme give you ?

Account Management

  • A dedicated account manager to accompany you on your startup journey

Technical Support

  • Access world-class equipment, software and lab facilities supported by a dedicated team of engineers and experts.
  • Partner with industry leaders such as Fujitsu, ASTRI and Rohde & Schwarz for your R&D needs.
  • Unlock licensing/joint venture opportunities and library services to fast track your technical development.

Business Support

  • Meet experienced mentors, industry experts, strategic partners and investors through our events.
  • Build your team and scale your business through our value services platform which provides training, professional services and talent support.
  • Gain market exposure through trade missions or exhibitions, product launches, press releases and media interviews.

Financial Support

  • Receive funding support of up to HK$1.29 million to cover your technology and business development expenses.

Is Incubation Programme right for you?

We nurture exciting, high-potential startups that dream big and deliver. You should apply to HKSTP INCUBATION if your business:

  • Has to conduct research or leans towards hard tech;
  • Is a Hong Kong incorporated company established within 5 years
  • Has founders that collectively hold at least 51% of the company’s shares; and
  • Is in the fields of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), electronics, green technology, or materials and precision engineering fields
  • For detailed admission criteria, please refer to the programme guide.

Selection Criteria

To assess your application, we will look at:

  • Your management team’s competence
  • Your business plan’s viability
  • Your product / service’s uniqueness
  • Your business’s innovativeness and challenges
  • Your achievable milestones 

Key Milestone Assessment

To help track your progress, we conduct milestone assessments every 3 to 6 months on:

  • Product development 
  • Business development 
  • Corporate development 
  • Cash flow status 


IDM2 Hardware Accelerator

Ideate, design, manufacture and market your innovation with iDM2 Hardware Accelerator. Our 6-month programme is designed to help startups expedite their hardware development cycle, while lowering R&D and production costs.

We will coach you to conduct market analysis, position your product, prototype an minimum viable product (MVP), meet accreditation criteria, protect your IP and move towards commercially-viable production. Through Design For Manufacturing (DFM) training, fabrication clinics, and supply chain workshops with manufacturers, overcome hurdles to translate your ideas into finished product.

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