Incubation Programme

Nurturing the next-generation of tech leaders.

What is Incubation Programme ?

HKSTP’s Incubation programme helps technology startups develop their first solutions from early stage technical builds, market exploration and business development. This 3-year programme offers comprehensive services including funding and R&D support, mentorship, investor matching and more.

We understand the challenges that tech startups face in creating a world-changing product. That’s why we will help you every step of the way and bring your dreams to life.

What will Incubation Programme give you ?

Account Management

  • A dedicated account manager to accompany you on your startup journey

Technical Support

  • Access world-class equipment, software and lab facilities supported by a dedicated team of engineers and experts.
  • Partner with industry leaders such as Fujitsu, ASTRI and Rohde & Schwarz for your R&D needs.
  • Unlock licensing/joint venture opportunities and library services to fast track your technical development.

Business Support

  • Meet experienced mentors, industry experts, strategic partners and investors through our events.
  • Build your team and scale your business through our value services platform which provides training, professional services and talent support.
  • Gain market exposure through trade missions or exhibitions, product launches, press releases and media interviews.

Financial Support

  • Receive funding support of up to HK$1.29 million to cover your technology and business development expenses.

Is Incubation Programme right for you?

We nurture exciting, high-potential startups that dream big and deliver. You should apply to HKSTP INCUBATION if your business:

  • Has a disruptive application, innovative business model, life-changing product and solution
  • Is in the R&D field in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), electronics, green technology or precision engineering
  • Has been market validated with MVP or prototypes

Admission Criteria

Applicants have to meet all admission criteria before submitting an application:

  • A Hong Kong tech based limited company, established within 5 years of the programme application submission date 
  • At least 2 full time staff working on site and not less than 50% of the team shall be R&D related
  • The founding team holds at least 51% of the company shares collectively
  • The company has a prototype or MVP which is being market validated in principle

Application Flow

Application Flow Graphic


You are just one step away from realizing your dream with the best incubator in Asia!

In this fast-changing market, sometimes you have to start before you are ready. But you can always count on us to be your partner in success along your startup journey!  

Email if you have any questions.



Please check the FAQ below about HKSTP Incubation Programme

We know. We are a bit needy in our relationship.

This is an on-site programme. As we love building relationships with our incubatees, meaning we have to meet each other more often.

Chances are you don’t want to leave HKSTP once you understand the power of connections in your startup journey.

P.S. We provide incubatees with a rental subsidy for our working premises.

The best time to apply was yesterday, and you have just missed it.

But, whenever you are ready, we are too. The application can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days… can someone just stop us?

We told you! Building your connections on-site is your superpower.

Finding the right team for your startup can be done through your active participation in any networking events in our ecosystem, or one of our many talent nurturing programmes. 

(check them out here).

30 days approximately, only if you have submitted all the requested information.

From our experience, many applicants are so excited that they forget everything and the requested information quickly. 

Our advice: keep calm and get your act together. 

We love people who see failure as a lesson learned.

You can re-apply three months after getting your admission panel meeting (APM) results.

Bonjour! Ni-hao! Hola! HKSTP Incubation Programme welcomes applications from around the world.

But first thing first, you will need to get a Hong Kong business registration.

The quickest way to get this done is to contact InvestHK, HKSAR Government’s foreign direct investment office. Contact Stanley at or complete the form here.  

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