iDM2 Micro-Electronics Node

Revitalizing the Micro-Electronics Industry

What is iDM2 Micro-Electronics Node?

Micro-Electronics Node is a hardware development training programme under iDM2 that helps startups design micro-electronics that best fit their product designs. Poised to become a new manufacturing powerhouse in Asia as well as hub of micro-electronics research and production, Hong Kong is the ultimate destination for tech startups looking to accelerate development and stay ahead of the curve. 

What will IDM2 Micro-Electronics Node give you?

Through IDM2 Micro-Elctronics Node, you will participate in an FPGA training scheme with 2 cohorts, each lasting 3 months. FPGAs help:

  • Optimize your solutions 
  • Reduce development cost 
  • Save time 
  • Protect electronic design and knowhow 
  • Deploy the latest logic to your AI related applications

After completion of the FPGA Training Scheme, you will be able to:

  • Design your exclusive chips based on prefered logics
  • Re-design your product hardware and maximize performance 
  • Implement edge computing devices in your AI solutions at the lowest cost


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