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TalenX is a human resources solution for small-medium size companies. We enable them to use occupational psychology and data analytics for recruitment and to high performing workforces with ease. TalenX originated from our observation that companies are still using resumes and interviews as predictors of job success. What we find in resumes is that their good at telling you some things, such as the candidate's experience or their hard skills. But they don't do a good job explaining to you about the intangible side of things such as are they going to be a good leader? Do they like to work as a team or work by themselves? Fortune 500 companies already know the benefits of understanding the candidates beyond what is presented in a resume, so they incorporate these psychological tools as part of their hiring process. However, small companies find it difficult to get their hands on such tools, due to the expensive consulting services, overpriced test and complex reports. With Talen, you the small-medium size business will be able to understand the human side of your candidates before even meeting them for the first time.

The TalenX Talent Acquisitions platform is a cloud-based web-app designed to help the hiring managers administer, collect and analyze candidate’s psychometrics results efficiently. At the core of the platform lies our personality assessment, that measures 43 workplace behaviours and incorporates an innovative “quasi-ipsative” test-taking format designed to improve scoring consistency and reduce faking in candidates. Once a candidate completes the test, the hiring manager will instantly know the candidate’s level of fit to the job and receive in-depth insights into candidates’ natural behavioural styles. The system will also automatically generate a job fit report, which includes custom interview questions for the hiring manager to use in the interview to probe the candidate deeper. Provide more information about the candidate and better structure for the interview.