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Roumei (Hong Kong) Technology Limited

Room 7, Units 111-113 & 115, 1/F, No. 11 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 63523562

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Roumei (Hong Kong) Technology Limited is a start-up aimed to commercialize the product of cutting edge research achievement in the field of nanomaterial light down-convertors based on luminescent semiconductor quantum rods. The unique properties of the designed nanomaterial, such as thermal stability, outcoupling efficiency, low reabsorption, polarized emission, tuned wavelength (color) of luminescence, enable the product to get a leadership in down-converting LEDs for display backlighting and even for LED general lighting.

The proposed products are down-converting nanomaterial for LCD display backlighting, mini/micro LED displays and the general lighting. The core technology of the Company is composite luminescent quantum rods designed and optimized for LED application. The proposed method for synthesis of quantum rods is a combination of flow and batch chemistry approaches providing highly luminescent (Film PLQY ˃80%), thermally and chemically stable, narrow emitting nanorods with emission precisely tuned in the whole visible range.
The QDs/QRs on-chip configuration is a most desirable format for displays backlighting because of significantly less material per display and ease of system integration, and quantum rods perfectly serve the purpose. Due to low reabsorption, high outcoupling efficiency and low thermal quenching our nanomaterial surpasses QDs showing higher luminous efficacy in the designed wide color gamut white LED prototypes (149 lm/W) and covers 122% NTSC (90% of BT2020) with high brightness of >120000 Cd/m2.
For mini/micro LED display applications a set of single color (red, green, blue) down-converting compositions will be proposed. For general lighting, the compositions providing high color rendering index (CRI) and less blue light eye hazard will be designed.