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Meatti Limited

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Our Story: as mobile app developers ourselves, we had built and released 23 apps into the app stores. We understand through our first-hand experience how difficult the app store has become for an app to get the downloads and revenue it deserves.

We were frustrated. But we knew we could find a better way, and we did!

We first came up with our own formula of doing app store optimization. With the formula, we increased the app downloads by 1478% in less than a month. Later, we found more ways to boost app downloads by applying artificial intelligence and big data analysis on the app store.

With this knowledge, we created Meatti. We aim at helping app developers increase their app downloads with a simple and data-driven platform that works. They can then build better app businesses and focus on what they do best - making great apps!

Meatti helps mobile app developers increase app downloads using artificial intelligence.

Our Meatti platform analyzes millions of apps every day. Using AI, it tells app developers how to gain more app downloads and revenue in a systematic way. Meatti also uses machine learning and natural language processing to tell app developers what their users like and don't like.

Meatti is a self-serve platform designed for app developers of all sizes. It offers free app store optimization tools such as ASO Report and more.