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LaSense Technology Limited

Unit 565, 5/F, Building 19W No. 19 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park,Pak Shek Kok,N.T
+852 36119392

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LaSense Technology Limited is a start-up sensor supplier. By using advanced laser spectroscopic technology combined with artificial intelligence, LaSense can provide original ultra-sensitive gas sensing solutions and control systems to urgent real-time analysis needs of multiple gas species. LaSense is a pioneer in building revolutionary industrial sensor systems, which fills the gap in online gas sensing in a wide variety of applications, including petrochemical industry, power plants and customized research instruments.

The core technologies of LaSense Technology include the state-of-the-art tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) and quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy (QEPAS). TDLAS detects the gas absorption induced laser intensity variation, which is directly related to gas concentration according to the Beer’s law. QEPAS measures the weak acoustic wave caused by the periodic gas absorption by using a high-quality quartz tuning fork. According to the different needs of industrial customers, each gas sensor is designed using the appropriate light source to satisfy the corresponding requirement of detection sensitivity and selectivity. A series of calibration-free gas sensors with a fast response, ultra-sensitivity and portable system size are developed, in combination with the artificial intelligence, chip integration and packaging technology, wireless data transfer and signal processing, to constitute the whole sensing system.