Company Details

iScholar Education Technology Limited

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iScholar is a company formed by a team including teaching and technology
experts to design and development learning tools and platforms for teachers,
students, schools as well as learning centres. The tools and platforms can provide
the holistic, seamless and personalized teaching and learning experience to
teachers and students respectively.
Besides, the data collected from different applications and platforms enables
iScholar to effectively sustain the improvement of teaching and learning
experience through Big Data Analysis.
The prime objective of iScholar is to provide the 1st one-stop service for Digital
Learning in education industry in Hong Kong.

(a) Classroom Interactive Application - Build a creative and interactive classroom
(b) Learning Management System - Integrate Google Classroom (a cloud-based
management system) which stores, organizes and collaborate teaching
(c) Education Resources Community – A platform to provide room for learners
to acquire additional education resources