Company Details

Hoho Living Technology Limited

+852 9466 4397
Mr. Billy Tang

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Hoho Living Technology Limited is a company co-founded by “Entrepreneur Times Limited" and “Hoho Group Limited" in 2018. The company mainly develops software to detect, collect and use big data in real time with IoT, and uses AI technology to ensure personal safety and enhance the quality of life. The company's first major project is the "HoHoCare" system, making full use of technology to protect the health and safety of users, especially the elderly at home and out, and further to prevent future accident and diseases.

HoHoCare system will consist of 3 main parts:
1) Central Hub – core product, own R&D
2) Smart indoor IoT devices – connect to hardware provided by suppliers
3) Outdoor GPS tracker – connect to hardware provided by suppliers

The software part (APP) will be developed in house, and users' data will be collected (daily living behaviors, habits and preferences, health conditions, etc) for safety tracking & analysis; and we can review if users have any potential risk of falling or significant health changes. In particular, we target to send out preventive signals in advance, instead of flagging alerts after accidents have happened.