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HKTransfer Limited

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HKTransfer - Focus on Mobile Payment Transfer on most famous type of third party payment gateway, such as wechat pay, alipay, paypal, apple pay. Also We will simplify the steps on transfer your money from bank to all different third party payment gateway.
Research and develop on virtual payment terminal, authorise payment and connect to bank.

Our mission is to provide the safest and most convenience way to control your money on mobile.

1) Mobile EPS Terminal
Develop the Virtual Terminal for Debit Card for easy money deposit directly from bank.
Integrate with EPS terminal & Digitize your money with or without extra device

2) Integrate with existing Payment system
Easy to transfer Money (and convert your currency) in different payment gateway such as Wechat / Alipay / paypal / Apple pay integration.

3) Online / Offline integrated Payment
Mobile app and Open api for online payment gateway and provide solution for offline payment in a single module.