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Dayta AI Limited

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We offer AI and Big Data solutions to grow businesses. In the recent years, AI and Big Data have been disrupting various industries in all imaginable ways. Under this rapid pace, we see a great need for businesses to undergo digital transformation, whether you are the next disruptor or trying to maintain your market leading position. We are here to help, and we offer B2B AI & Big Data solutions to grow your business with cutting-edge technologies.

As a firm that embraces design thinking, Agile philosophies and latest technologies, we emphasize on the ease of implementation, as well as your user experience.

Today we provide Computer vision, Natural Language Processing and Data Science solutions tailor-made to our clients’ needs and industries, ranging from E-commerce or Retail, to Property Management and even Human Resources. We want you to focus on your core competencies while we do the tech part, so you can take your business even further. Let us help you to unlock and harness the power of AI and Big Data.

Artificial Intelligence
We focus on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing technology to empower our clients with automation and cutting-edge capabilities for business development.

Successful cases are already disrupting markets with AI technology, to name a few, there are AI recommenders on E-commerce for upselling; Customer Path Analysis in Property Management for better insights of people flow; Emotion Analysis for a more comprehensive analysis during job interviews.

The disruption is real, and we believe this is just the beginning. We continuously look for great ideas from clients to develop better AI technologies for even greater businesses.

Data Science
We help you build the infrastructure needed for data science, and empower your business with data-backed and statistically tested decisions to stay competitive.
Everyone has been talking about big data and analytics, but most of them are still far away from implementing it due to limitation of talents and practical solutions.
We offer a wide variety of services targeting companies at different stage, ranging from Data Collection to advance Big Data Analytics. Whether you are starting from scratch or already accumulating terabytes of data, our solutions will always add value to your business through data science.