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Build.IT is a young and energetic company positioned in the industry as a BIM-centred construction IT service provider. We help our clients benefit form the BIM process, especially during construction, up to the delivery of an as-built model for operation and maintenance by the end user. BIM skill is our prime asset. On top of that, we also provide professional service and advice from our strong team of Building (Arch/Struct/Civil/MEP/QS) and ICT(System and Database) professionals. Customization or web-based database application development services are provided to link BIM components to valuable records for operation or maintenance. Custom programming to achieve 5D Estimation or 6D Facility Management during the BIM process. We work with clients to create BIM-Centred workflow applications as well as to formulate quantity enabled BIM models to save the time on estimating quantities for contract preparation and payments. Build.IT believes that to provide the best quality BIM services, building professionals equipped with BIM skills can best serve our clients.

Build.IT provides the platform for you to keep up with worldwide building technology standards, and help you achieve business goals with 3D BIM.

1. BIM Project Collaboration – Autodesk BIM 360 Glue
A cloud-based BIM construction collaboration software for Professionals, Project Managers, Suppliers and Owners in construction projects that provides anywhere, anytime access to the latest project models for all stakeholders. Key functions include clash analysis, markup, notifications, immersive view, dimensions and information query and navigation tools.

2. Construction Field Management Tool – Autodesk BIM 360 Field
A cloud-based mobile application that maintains construction site data and documents in a centralized database. Construction professionals can perform facility management, manage quality and safety checklists, access document & drawing libraries, and maintain site diaries all on a tablet device. With BIM 360 Field they would have all essential information at their fingertips and would no longer have to carry pads of paper and tubes of drawings on the job site.

3. 5D Estimating – CostX
A useful tool for quantity surveying using BIM models.

4. In-house Web/Mobile Systems Development
Build.IT has a team of programmers specializing in web and mobile applications development for the construction industry. Our applications include: Management systems for documents, drawings and site photos in construction projects, Workers Management Systems, Safety Inspections Systems and Add-in tools for Autodesk Revit.
Our mobile applications are platform independent and they can be used in both iOS and Android devices.