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ASMAC Limited

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ASMAC is a materials testing and consultation service provider specializing in surface analysis and materials characterization. Our clients include MNC and industrial partners in the South China region. We have a highly qualified team of analytical consultants, all of whom hold either a master’s or doctoral degree in related disciplines. With our in-depth knowledge of surface and material science and experiences in an array of industrial processes, we provide services to various sectors including semiconductor, PCB, metal finishing, communications, data storage, automotive, jewellery and display industries, etc.
ASMAC provides routine analyses on surface and material properties, including surface, microscopic, thermal, elemental, chemical and mechanical analyses. We also provide consultancy services like reverse engineering, failure analysis, tailor-designed testing methodology and automation system development. Upon request, we also run confidential R&D projects for companies.
In Hong Kong Science Park, it has the operation of our team of analytical consultant. Our analytical consultants also conduct materials analysis planning and development activities for new area of application development for the electronics and solar energy industry.