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HKSTP Launches 200 InnoCell Accommodation Units at Weave Studios – Kowloon West to Attract Global Talent

To provide I&T talent with Work. Live. Play. Learn. co-creation experience in urban neighbourhoods

06 Oct 2023

Key Takeaways

  • HKSTP takes initiatives to proactively lure global talent by addressing the accommodation challenges.
  • In the Policy Address last year, the Government announced the proposal to build a new InnoCell near Science Park. Whilst the related planning is underway, HKSTP adopts a flexible approach to provide an additional 200 InnoCell units at Kowloon West.
  • I&T talent can enjoy affordable spaces at two locations – Hong Kong Science Park and Kowloon West with a unique co-living experience including first-rate facilities, urban neighbourhoods and engaging opportunities tailored for the InnoCell community. Residents can unleash their curiosity to discover the local culture as well as the charisma of HK.

(Hong Kong, 6 October 2023) – Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation (HKSTP) takes initiatives to attract international I&T talent by partnering with leading rental accommodation provider Weave Living to supply an additional 200 InnoCell units at Kowloon West. I&T talent can now enjoy affordable spaces at both InnoCell Science Park and its new satellite site, with a unique “Work. Live. Play. Learn.” co-creation experience including prime amenities, urban neighbourhoods and engaging opportunities tailored for the InnoCell community.

InnoCell at Science Park has been playing a pivotal role in offering short to medium-term on-campus living option for newly arrived talent. In addition, the provision of quality and affordable accommodation is of vital importance in attracting and retaining both local and overseas talent. Subsequent to the implementation of HKSTP’s global talent recruitment programme, applications to InnoCell are on the rise. The occupancy rate hit 95% in the second quarter of this year.

The Government announced in the Policy Address last year a variety of measures to enlarge the I&T talent pool including the development of a new InnoCell near Science Park. Whilst the related planning is underway, HKSTP has established a partnership with Weave Living to provide additional accommodation units at Weave Studios - Kowloon West, transforming part of the property into a satellite site of InnoCell. 

Located at 86 Tai Kok Tsui Road, InnoCell’s latest satellite site is fully managed and operated by Weave Living. The residential units are equipped with integrated smart living technologies and a wide array of facilities. A balanced mix of private and shared spaces will allow globetrotting innovators to collaborate, co-create and network with each other. I&T talent can also unleash their curiosity to discover the charisma of Hong Kong. Neighbourhood maps will be provided for residents to explore the characteristics, cultural highlights and top destinations of Shatin and Kowloon West. 

“InnoCell at Kowloon West is a testimony to our commitment in strengthening the talent pool of Hong Kong. By adopting a flexible approach, we have been able to swiftly respond to the accommodation challenge. Both InnoCells embody HKSTP’s “Work. Live. Play. Learn” innovation culture, bringing together like-minded people to spark co-creation here. To stay ahead of the global talent race, we will continue to elevate the living and working environment for worldwide talent with a view to propelling Hong Kong’s status as an international I&T hub,” said Ms Filla Mak, Chief Operations Officer of HKSTP.

“As a leading rental accommodation provider in Asia-Pacific, we are thrilled to offer our Weave Studios - Kowloon West units to be a satellite site of HKSTP’s InnoCell that enhances talent exchange and development in Hong Kong. The move-in ready and fully furnished studios with design-forward furniture and appliances will facilitate a smooth transition for global IT talent embarking on their journey here,” said Liz Chu, Chief Operating Officer of Weave Living. “Together with HKSTP, we look forward to further fostering Hong Kong as a talent magnet for expats and mainland Chinese professionals, empowering them to thrive in this ever-evolving city."

Residents of both InnoCells can enjoy common facilities and engagement activities tailored for the InnoCell community. There will be ambassadors on both sites dedicated to the needs of residents. Shuttle-bus service will be in place for talent to commute between Kowloon West and the core innovation campus. The first batch of InnoCell residents at Kowloon West is expected to move in starting from Oct 2023. 

More details:

Photos 1-3: As an extension of InnoCell Science Park, InnoCell’s latest satellite site at Weave Studios -Kowloon West provides beautifully designed co-living homes equipped with integrated smart technologies and a wide array of facilities.


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