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BP InnoMed Limited

Founded in December 2018, BP InnoMed Limited is a spin-off company from the Hong Kong Baptist University, which has a vision to improve life of cancer patients by making innovative high-quality medicine and healthcare product safe and effective. The company was established with an exceptionally strong in-house scientific team and world-renown external consultants with chemical biology, medicinal chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry background. We are dedicated to developing a wide range of pioneering medical products, including theranostics probes, intelligent molecular sensors, and certain pro-drugs with diverse set of properties for medical diagnostics and cancer therapy or rehabilitation. Our current project focuses on the development and the commercialization of the “Theranostics inhibitors for eradicating Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) associated cancer”, for example, nasopharynx cancer (NPC), a common cancer especially in the southern part of China cancer.

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