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Time Medical Limited

Unit G01-03, 05&08, Bio-Informatics Ctr No. 2 Science Park West Avenue HK
+852 21561711
Mr. Alec Leung

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Time Medical Group was founded by Professor Q.Y. Ma, Ph.D., and an elite team compr¡sing
international business leaders, engineers and clinical scient¡sts. The R&D team, or¡g¡nated from
Columbia University and Harvard Medical School, pioneers the use of HTS materials in MRI for the
improvement in s¡gnal-to-noise ratio and in reducing scanning time significantly.
As a world leading fully-integrated MRI company, TM generates revenue from state-of-the-art MRI
systems and soon, the world's first "SuperMRl" system for Hydrogen, Sodium, Phosphorus and
Carbon ¡maging.
Equipped with the powerful capability of resource ¡ntegrat¡on and professional services, TM has set
up several branches around the world. Currently TM has R&D and sales offices in Hong Kong, USA
and China; manufacturing and R&D facility in China Medical City (CMC).

MRI For All: Providing cost effective MRI systems to serve the growing population of the world. MRI
for More: Development dedicated MRI systems for the specific diagnostic needs of orthopedic,
pediatric, and women patients.
- Better image quality
- Faster scans
- More compact ¡n size
- More energy saving (as a Green MRI)
- Low cost solution for installation and maintenance
TM is leading the development of the Next Generation MRI - "SuperMRl" poised to completely
transform the MRI industry!
Using TM's Proprietary High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) technology, the "SuperMRl"
system becomes the world's most advanced MRI system that provides.
TM continues to break new ground with innovative technology, and market-ready MRI systems for
the 21st century.