Events and Happenings

At HKSTP, we host exciting events to attract the brightest minds and spark new ideas. From Smart Living to IT innovations, these events are an opportunity to bring together scholars, entrepreneurs, investors and startups from around the world to share experiences, present their innovations, co-develop solutions to common challenges and create new partnerships.

8 November 2019 (Friday)

Investment Event

Elevator Pitch Competition 2019 – Make an Impact, Disrupt the Norm!

20 May 2019 (Monday)

Other Events

InnoCell Construction Commencement Ceremony and Collaboration with Construction Industry Council

21 Mar 2019 - 4 April 2019

MakeITHongKong 3-2-1 Go! Bang!

9 March 2019 (Sat)

Public Events

Hong Kong Science Park Career Expo 2019

1 November 2018

Think Global, Think Hong Kong

26 October 2018 (Friday)

Elevator Pitch Competition - Elevate 100 Floors in 60 sec

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