Accelerate faster into the future with HKSTP’s programmes for mid-stage companies. Find the resources you need to unlock growth and expand your footprint globally.

Global Acceleration Academy (GAA)

Achieve success in the Asian market with GAA, a 1-3 month intensive acceleration programme that invites startups from around the world to localise innovations for the region. Each of our cohorts are tailored for various industry verticals so the right startups can be matched to the industry’s relevant business needs. Supported by the public sector and industry partners, co-create solutions alongside mentors from leading companies in the region for the challenges facing Asia today.

Gain the resources, skills and vast network of industry partners you need to bring your innovations to the regional marketplace. The programme offers training, consulting, pitching, immersion as well as a Demo Day to showcase your work to potential investors and business partners.

iDM2 Hardware Accelerator

Ideate, design, manufacture and market your innovation with iDM2 Hardware Accelerator. Our 6-month programme is designed to help startups expedite their hardware development cycle, while lowering R&D and production costs.

We will coach you to conduct market analysis, position your product, prototype an minimum viable product (MVP), meet accreditation criteria, protect your IP and move towards commercially-viable production. Through Design For Manufacturing (DFM) training, fabrication clinics, and supply chain workshops with manufacturers, overcome hurdles to translate your ideas into finished product.

iDM2 Micro-Electronics Node

Design microelectronics to power your products with Hong Kong’s first acceleration programme for FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), created in partnership with industry partners Avnet and Arrow Electronics. Through iDM2’s Micro-Electronics Node, learn about the FPGA chip architecture system widely used in electronic circuits and other technologies.

Put your learnings to practice in various applications, from AI and machine learning to data acceleration and industrial automation. Accelerate your product design process and boost your capabilities with FPGA, as you move from production to go-to-market.

Mentorship Programme

Every startup faces unique challenges on their entrepreneurial journey. Through our 3-6 month mentorship programme, connect with experienced industry professionals to get on track to commercial success. 

We leverage our expansive network to find experts who can help you define your strategy, broaden your business perspectives, identify opportunities and lead your team effectively — real-world advice that goes beyond any management textbook. How you engage with mentors can be tailored to meet your diverse and evolving needs.

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