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Solar Man Air Conditioning, Limited

Unit 948, 9/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 55744652
Professor Joseph Hui

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Solar Man Air Conditioning, Limited engages in research, development, production, marketing, and sales of our green and revolutionary Solar Man Air Conditioner (SMAC, patent pending). The invention promises to HALVE equipment and electricity cost, requires no installation, uses lightweight and environmental friendly material and no global warming refrigerant.

The motto of Solar Man is “We help people all over the world to live a comfortable but sustainable life”. We plan to develop and produce our products in Hong Kong, hiring
many local talents to build Solar Man as a global brand that is made in Hong Kong.

Founded in 2019 by Professor emeritus and IEEE fellow Dr. Joseph Hui. He has invented many lifesaving devices for clean air, water, energy, and transportation methods. He got his PhD at MIT and has worked at Comsat Labs, Bell Labs, and IBM Watson Research Labs. He held Professorship at Columbia University, Rutgers University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Arizona State University. He is a prolific inventor and a member of the US Academy of Inventors. He has written many papers and books, including the latest book “What’s the Matter with Energy”.

Solar Man Air Conditioner (SMAC) redefined AC technology by saving 70% electricity, use no global warming refrigerant, require no installation, with a much more compact and sleek form factor. Low cost and green cooling can be easily achieved both indoor and outdoor.

Our technology uses the Brayton thermodynamic cycle to compress and expand air directly instead of the less efficient Rankine cycle that compress, liquefy, and evaporate a refrigerant. Existing refrigerant cooling method requires substantially higher compression and pressure, therefore consuming much more energy.
SMAC has significantly lower compression requirement and our high efficiency is achieved using patent pending multi-stage integrated spiral turbine and dual heat cycle technology

We will break the vicious cycle: with global warming comes surging cooling needs around the globe, which brings even more global warming. We believe that conservation is the key. It could take decades to triple renewable energy supply, but it will only take a few years for SMAC to cut cooling energy consumption into 1/3.

Join us in our mission to save the planet through conservation.