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Meo Limited

Michael Horman

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We are driven to improve indoor air quality without damaging the environment. We envisage a time where indoor environments are continuously monitored and improved and energy only used when necessary.

Meo Air Analytics seeks to provide safe, energy efficient air for all. Meo provides solutions for building owners, managers and users to improve air quality and improve the efficiency of air conditioning and purifier use through its patented IOT and software solution. Meo operates in Asia and Europe and supplies large and small corporations and organisations.

Ever felt tired, sick, cold, difficulty to focus or stuffy air in your office or your workplace? Worried about energy usage?

Office environments are unhealthy. Business are missing out on billions of dollars from the lost productivity and health impacts. Modern buildings are designed to be completely air tight, trapping indoor pollutants that arise from human breathing, printers, furniture, cleaning chemicals etc. Using energy to create new environments.

Meo continuously scans your environment for problems as they arise to provides localized, simple solution. Data analysis and AI identifies the cause and manages energy usage.


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