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Genvida (HK) Co Limited

+852 27206188
James Wong

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“Genomics at your fingertips” simply explains the vision of Genvida. We are developing an ultrafast and cost-effective DNA sequencing technology based on our patented SONAS® platform.

Focusing on the 4th generation DNA sequencing technology, Genvida utilizes its globally patented SONAS® platform (a solid-state nanopore sensor array-based technology) to resolve the bottleneck in the DNA sequencing market. Built upon our scalable nanopore fabrication technology, we aim to offer a cost-effective and ultrafast DNA sequencing system.

With the all-in-one SONAS platform, Genvida can penetrate existing market of genomic analysis and opens up new and exciting markets, such as personalized medicine.

SONAS® is a 4th generation DNA sequencing technology. Genvida is ready to kick start the product development plan.

Genvida will focus on four areas for sales and marketing development -- driving our technologies into existing genomic related market and establishing new applications. The four categories include gPrep (sample preparation), gSeq (sequencing devices), gCal (sequencing data analysis) and gInfo (application of bioinformatic). Company aims to provide all-in-one innovative solution in genomic analysis with scalable capability.


At Hong Kong Science Park, talents from different scientific areas are gathering here. Together with the support of world-class infrastructure for research, it helps to make innovative ideas come true.