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Alternis Medical Limited

Unit 966, 9/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park,Pak Shek Kok,N.T.
+852 67038010
Mr. Eddie WONG

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Alternis Medical provides healthcare solutions for tendons and muscles disorder in multiple body parts. The health monitoring device is designed as a self-help tool for sports lovers, occupational injury patients, and the aging population to monitor tendon and muscle conditions overtime. Other than home use, the device can be used in fitness centers, schools, and physical therapy clinics. The startup was founded by talents with strong biomedical research background from their postgraduate studies, with expertise in medical imaging.

Our low-cost, fast, portable solution that allows users to track and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Powered by Electrical Impedance Tomography, it specializes in soft-tissue-bio-imaging on human limbs.
Serving as an alternative continual monitoring device for recovery and rehabilitation, our solution reduces the burden of traditional imaging tools (MRI & ultrasound), which are significantly more expensive with longer wait-time. It provides early prognoses such that injuries could be treated at an earlier stage to avoid further injuries.
Bioimaging console and health tracking bands with various sizes and configurations (length:10-150cm; 8-128 electrodes) are developed for body parts according to the needs. Data will be processed in AI-cloud which assists in monitoring, prompting users to administer preventive care and health tracking.
The device is a health monitoring tool to assess and categorize the existence and severity of musculoskeletal disorders a patient might have within minutes, and at a fraction of the cost for alternative imaging tools.