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HKSTP Showcases Hong Kong Innovation on World Stage of Web Summit 2019 in Portugal

07 Nov 2019

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation has led a delegation to showcase Hong Kong’s best-of-breed technology innovation at the Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal.

George Tee, Chief Technology Officer of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (1st from right), shared his insights and views on accelerating market growth through the development of a vibrant I&T ecosystem in a panel discussion at the Web Summit 2019.

A delegation of 10 incubatees led by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation showcased their innovation to a plethora of investors, media and potential clients at the Web Summit 2019. 

Lisbon, Portugal, 7 November 2019 – In an ongoing effort to promote Hong Kong’s homegrown innovation on the world stage, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is leading a delegation of 10 incubation companies to the Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal, from 4-7 November.

The delegation is composed by the startups with a spectrum of cutting-edge and ready-to-use solutions in key technology areas that include Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Health Tech, Smart City, Entertainment and Sports. George Tee, Chief Technology Officer of HKSTP, also attended and took the stage to share the I&T development and ecosystem of Hong Kong as well as arising opportunities and challenges from the Asian market to an audience of government officials, foreign investors and innovation leaders at the Web Summit.

“Hong Kong is on the rise as an innovation powerhouse, amidst unwavering government support to develop strong R&D infrastructures, vigorous policy enforcement and deep talent pool. As the city’s flagship base for R&D and incubation, HKSTP plays a crucial role as the backbone of the startup ecosystem by providing a complete roadmap and comprehensive support for its 800 technology companies at the Park to crystalise ideas to commercialisation,” George Tee, Chief Technology Officer of HKSTP.

“This is our first delegation to the Web Summit, and it represents our collective vision to help our ready-to-go startups gain international exposure and market opportunities. This also helps send a message to the world that Hong Kong stands as an international I&T hub and leading destination for building companies with global reach.”

In the delegation, two of HKSTP incubatees, namely BACHcode and RaceFit, shall be attending the Web Summit’s Startup Showcase and Machine Demo, respectively, to showcase their innovation to a plethora of investors, media and potential clients.

BACHcode has built an innovative healthcare analytic platform that combines machine learning and AI algorithms to create a chronic health profile that guides users with personalised healthy eating advice. Amice Wong, founder of BACHcode, said, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to learn and connect to the worldwide I&T community at the world’s biggest tech conference, thanks to HKSTP’s all-round support in every stage of our start-up journey. As we are at the tipping point of rapid growth, having such exposure in front of a valuable international audience at the event will surely fuel our business strategy.”

RaceFit uses state-of-the-art proprietary algorithm and AI technologies to help improve users’ physical and mental wellness. Graham Mak, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of RaceFit, added, “Hong Kong has always been a place for creative ideas and HKSTP is where you can turn your ideas into commercialised products. By demonstrating our innovative health products at the conference, we hope to attain a footprint in the health-sensitive western market and bring Hong Kong’s homegrown innovation to the world.”
Web Summit is an annual technology conference held in Lisbon and considered the largest tech event in the world, bringing together more than 70,000 attendees from Fortune 500 companies and disruptive technology companies from 170 countries in a unique collaboration space.


Participating Incubatees of HKSTP at the Web Summit 2019



Booth No.

Innovation Highlight

Artificial Intelligence 




Datax offers a sophisticated data crowdsourcing and labeling solution, matching data needs for training AI and market research. With an integrated service handling worldwide workforce recruitment, task distribution, and labeling SaaS, Datax assists the success of AI and research projects, at any size and stage.


Red Bird Technology



Red Bird provides FPGA chips, AIOS and AI solutions for industries. Its core technologies in High Performance Computing, Data Centre Infrastructure, Big Data and AI help clients across manufacturing, banking and insurance industries transform operations through AI.


Return Helper


Return Helper builds an online platform that offers a cross-border e-commerce return solution to online merchants.



Light Up Technology



Light Up Technology builds “Mobiwhere” that synchronises mobile phone screens to create an interactive lighting effect.






BeeFinTech provides “Beeplatform” that offers whole-chain SaaS tools for insurance distribution, including PC terminals and APP terminals.

Health Tech




BACHcode develops an AI-powered “ReHealthier” that collects health information through healthy eating apps, smart devices and other health apps. The information is fed into an analytic platform where machine learning and AI algorithms are used to create a chronic health profile that guides users with personalised healthy eating advice.

Smart City




ASA provides Airluna, an air purifying lighting system designed to detect and alert users about indoor air quality to avoid diseases triggered by airborne pollutants. With its patented OCO technology, the device decomposes air pollutants into harmless substances.


Avaron Technologies



Avaron offers turnkey product solutions for Smart Building and Smart Mobility applications. The integrated solutions with green technologies and a proprietary Smart Neural Optical Sensing Network measure a wide range of parameters with enhanced sensitivity to accomplish effective predictive maintenance monitoring using AI-based analytics applied in lifts, escalators, HVAC air-conditioning and fire detection.





beNovelty manages OpenAPIHub, a B2B API platform that connects startups and enterprises for open innovation. The platform helps companies bootstrap their API businesses in as short a time period as five days with limited upfront investment.







RaceFit is a company that specialises in motion detection and uses proprietary algorithm and AI technologies to improve users’ physical and mental wellness. Its coverage includes Elderly Monitoring, Rehabilitation, Sport Training and STEM Education. RaceFit system includes IoT Hardware, Software, Algorithm and Cloud AI.



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