• Vision Science and Technology Company Limited


    +852 27114922


    Unit 105A, 1/F, IC Development Centre No. 6 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T. HK


    Vision Science Technology is a company to develop and distribute vision products for myopia control and other special function. We will commercialize those potential products under research in vision research institutes through standardize manufacturing, develop verification system, dispensing and fitting system.


    Disc SH lenses for myopia control. The Disc lens is based on the IP of HK PolyU which is one the most effective product for myopia progression control. The lens will have dual foci to make one focus in front of the retina, and the other will for good vision with focus on fovea. This will reduce the eye ball elongation and reduce the myopia progression up to 60%. This is benefit to patient to highly reduce the risk of development to high myopes.

    Contact Person

    Mr. Jackson Leung

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