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    UrbanChain Group creates innovative and eco-friendly smart city solutions. Company’s philosophy implies utility maximization of existing city infrastructure through implementation of sharing economy principles based on artificial intelligence, big data analysis and blockchain technologies. One of the projects that UrbanChain Group currently focuses is Parkingbnb. Parkingbnb is an app-based smart parking platform that offers all types of parking owners to increase profit listing their property and guarantees drivers the closest and cheapest parking space considering personal preferences. The platform combines software and equipment solutions for drivers, parking owners and car producers. Parkingbnb solution intends to reduce traffic congestion and illegal parking, decrease air pollution and improve the life-style comfort of urban citizens.


    I) Parkingbnb Soft-/hardware solutions for: 1) Drivers -Parking advisor: automatically suggests the optimal place to park, includes indoor/outdoor navigation. Drivers can indicate personal preferences (cheapest space, closest space, less walking distance from car park to object, secured parking, etc.) 2) Parking owners -Parking management: soft-/hardware solution that automates parking and payment processes, provides online occupancy tracking and manages car flow. Payments done through the app solely: no payment machines, no tickets, no queues. - Price advisor: automatically suggests optimal price for parking. 3) Car producers - On-board computer software (with built-in Parkingbnb technologies). - Autonomous parking (soft-/hardware solution, the most accurate currently existing as we collect the data from our software, parking history, car sensors and other). Main technologies used: -Artificial intelligence (computer vision, machine learning; -Blockchain (secure data storage); -Big data (analytics). II) Food2All (upcoming project after Parkingbnb) Sharing/ selling on discount any food left in restaurants, cafes, tables, food factories, etc. III) Store-it-Out (upcoming project) Timely storage of personal belongings on vacant spaces

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    Vitaly Pentegov

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