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    Unit 225B, 2/F, Core Building 2 No. 1 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok


    New Energy Financing and Consulting Limited (NEFIN) is a total solution management and consultancy firm providing financial, technical and procurement advisory services for project owners, investors and financial institutions in renewable energy industry, especially photovoltaic (PV). Founded by a core team previously working for the photovoltaic business in the DuPont company, our team is composed of multi-disciplinary experts and consultants with extensive and worldwide experience in bringing PV projects to successful completion. Our expertise compass activities at different phases, from feasibility and techno-economical study, component sourcing, operation and maintenance, right through to asset management and transaction financing, and tax planning. To some strategic clients, we also conduct due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, and source the strategic projects per client's expectations and corporate purposes.


    Solar Panel Cleaning Robot NEFIN’s solar panel cleaning robot automatically cleans solar panels on solar farms. This greatly improves the quality and consistency of the panel cleaning while decreasing the labor cost involved. This converts to more reliable electricity generation and hence stable revenue generation for the solar farm Water Pumping and Filtration System Many solar farms are located in far from the city in remote areas. This leads to a lack of clean water supply. NEFIN’s water pumping and filtration system uses electricity generated from solar panels to pump water from underground or clean above the ground sources while providing a filtration solution that enables the water to be usable for sanitation and even consumption.

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    Mr. Eric Leung

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