Park Life

HKSTP is more than just a workplace. Beyond the office and the lab, there’s an entire ecosystem for you to enjoy. At the park, we strive to cultivate a holistic culture and vibrant community to help you work, live, play and learn better.

Innovator’s Playground

Visually portraying our goal to be “A playground for all innovators” and showcasing images of HKSTP innovation pins and geometric images, an imaginative artwork brings to life a creative platform bred under the iconic Charles K. Kao Auditorium (a.k.a. Golden Egg) as well as HKSTP’s “Work. Live. Play. Learn” culture. 




The magic of technology is on full display at our new immersive Experience Centre.

Discover the hidden gems in Hong Kong’s largest R&D base where 1,000 tech companies and business partners in our thriving I&T ecosystem gather to spark ideas and co-create a better future.




InnoCell, Hong Kong Science Park

InnoCell is a smart living and co-creation space for sparking collaboration among I&T talents at Hong Kong Science Park. It supports of our vision to develop an I&T co-creation community.

Designed to perfectly balance aesthetic and function, InnoCell offers a new way of living aligned with many residents’ needs. The shared spaces and smart-living technologies encourage greater interaction and collaboration, creating a genuine sense of community for like-minded talents to inspire one another and make a positive impact.

The building itself is an innovation—the first in Hong Kong to be built with the Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) method, which is recognised for its construction efficiency, quality, safety and sustainability. InnoCell continues to win internationally important accolades for excellent architecture and interior design, building technology, sustainability, project planning and facility management. View the full list of InnoCell Awards here.

Together We SPARK Something Awesome

Within our innovation community that unlocks the soft power of the 17,000+ workforce in the HKSTP ecosystem, we unite bright and brilliant minds to collaborate and make collective impact.

With SPARK, you will be a member of a growing force of diverse individuals sharing the passion to thrive and co-create. We INSPIRE, RECHARGE, CHALLENGE and CONNECT WITH each other.

Engage with the SPARK community through the HKSTP APP. It’s your one-stop platform to manage your SPARK membership, find Park dining and other exclusive offers from partner companies, get Park news, keep track of the latest SPARK-exclusive events and navigate through AR to find restaurants and shops at the Park.

Not a SPARK member yet? Download the HKSTP APP to apply, and begin to enjoy all the benefits specially curated for the SPARK community.


OnePass@HKSTP is your gateway to a multitude of online offers and services available in the Park. Using only a single log-in ID, Park members and visitors can easily enjoy high-speed connections and access HKSTP’s network of resources. Connect better with these features:


  • 10x faster Wi-Fi speed at the Park
  • 10,000+ free eduroam Wi-Fi hotspots around the world
  • 2000+ free “Universities via Y5ZONE Wi-Fi hotspots in Hong Kong
  • Easy access to 10+ HKSTP applications, platforms and services
  • Streamlined access to upcoming park apps and year-round smart campus services
  • Easier redemption of promotional offers and coupons

Set up your OnePass@HKSTP here.

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How to Get Here

Just a short trip away from the city centre, HKSTP is easily accessible by car or public transport. Find out how to get here now.


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