We innofacture a vision of an industry with technology development that’s much more than what can be imagined today for Hong Kong.

The ever-evolving economic environment creates opportunities to reposition HKSTP’s Industrial Estates (IEs), established in the 1970s to serve as a manufacturing base for industries that need larger footprints. As old businesses scale and move their manufacturing activities to other cities in the region and new businesses invest and grow in Hong Kong, the IEs hold fresh potential and huge economic opportunities. By focusing on Hong Kong’s competitive strengths and attracting high value-added, high technology content, and advanced processes, HKSTP seeks to revitalise the industrial community in the Industrial Estates. In doing so, we are securing long-term sustainability and wider benefits for technology development in Hong Kong by repositioning the Industrial Estate as InnoPark.

InnoPark evolved from merely simple industrial parks to championing all the cutting-edge work aimed at translating local Research and Development (R&D) into economic output. Positioned to capture the exciting and lucrative opportunities of digitalisation and Industry 4.0—the latest industrial revolution powered by advanced technology development —we manufacture innovations that usher in a digitally progressive and future-ready Hong Kong.

InnoPark is where imagination, design, and possibilities happen. Committed to Innofacturing Tomorrow, we take and build on today’s ideas to forge new paths for “Innovated, Designed, and Made in Hong Kong” creations to proudly take shape and change the world. In these industrial parks, we can manufacture the future through data and technology development, propelling success for Hong Kong’s top-skilled workers, startups, and the I&T community.

As Hong Kong’s premier innovation and technology hub, HKSTP actively bridges research and development with end-to-end Innofacturing facilities all situated within our premises. Our land resources*, industrial parks, and multi-storey industrial spaces support tech-driven R&D and smart manufacturing activities for a wide range of forward-looking industries. Together, they will be creating value for Hong Kong’s economy, bridging Hong Kong’s advanced technology know-how with the global manufacturing value chain, and contributing to both the local and international markets.

Innofacturing Guiding Principles

“Innovated, Designed and Made in Hong Kong” conveys trust and quality. Industrialists can ride on this strength to enter the Greater Bay Area and the world markets with confidence. In support of the Government’s “new industrialisation” vision advocated in the Hong Kong Innovation & Technology Development Blueprint, we are aiming for innovation and technology-driven projects to be established in the InnoParks that promote the following:


1. Output as to economic value-add contribution
2. Investment in CAPEX for equipment together with fit-out or building construction
3. High-skilled employment creation
4. Product/Service Technology – Advanced technology content or novel application in the respective products or services
5. Advanced processes applied in the manufacturing of products or delivery of services
6. R&D activities and capabilities
7. Local consumption for stable supply chain
8. Sustainability in terms of business, environment,  or resources

These principles set the direction of supporting the upgrade and/or transformation of the existing operations of companies in the Innoparks, creating the platform necessary to enable technology development and world-class manufacturing of high-value products, thereby generating new business opportunities, high-skilled employment, and a brighter future career for the young generation in Hong Kong.

InnoPark at a Glance

Tseung Kwan O InnoPark

The 75-hectare Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, now repositioned as Tseung Kwan O InnoPark, has a specialised waterfront area for marine access or marine-access-related projects. With berthing facilities, this industrial park is well-suited for heavy industries, as well as lighter commercial manufacturing and the technology development of IT / ICT-related services.

Tseung Kwan O InnoPark is located in the southeastern part of Tseung Kwan O New Town. Lohas Park MTR Station is just 2km away from the Estate, which is connected to East Kowloon via the Tseung Kwan O Tunnel.

Key projects include:

  • Data Technology Hub (DT Hub)
    Turn data assets into genuine value for your business and make them your competitive advantage to accelerate digital transformation through DT Hub.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC)
    AMC is designed to provide agile and smart production facilities for advanced products or processes to meet ever-changing on-demand customer needs.
Yuen Long InnoPark

This 67-hectare Yuen Long Industrial Estate, now repositioned as Yuen Long InnoPark, caters to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical and biomedical production.

Its proximity to Shenzhen Bay Port and Lok Ma Chau Control Point makes Yuen Long InnoPark ideal for companies engaging in cross-border business. With a direct connection to Kwai Tsing Container Terminal via Route 3 and Tuen Mun Highway, this industrial park is a hive of production activities.

The town centre of Yuen Long, which is connected to Kowloon by the MTR West Rail Line, is just 1km away from the park.

Key projects include:

  • Microelectronics Centre (MEC)
    With flexible design, dedicated cleanroom, and special chemical handling facilities, MEC has been established to support technology development and pilot production of new generation microelectronics products.


Tai Po InnoPark

Primarily for companies in the industries of food manufacturing, media services, and lifestyle goods, the 75-hectare Tai Po Industrial Estate, now repositioned as “Tai Po InnoPark”, is currently home to local and international brands. 

Just 1.5km from the Tai Po town centre, this industrial park is accessible via the MTR East Rail Line and Tolo Highway.

Key projects include:

  • GMP Centre
    A refurbished building focused on pharmaceutical innofacturing.
  • Precision Manufacturing Centre
    An industrial building refurbished into a manufacturing base for precision products.
  • MARS Centre
    A refurbished industrial building for the production of medical accessory resilience supplies, medical-related equipment, materials, health products, as well as other precision manufacturing.

Additional Resources

Admission Application for Advanced Manufacturing Centre
Admission Application for Microelectronics Centre
Admission Application for Precision Manufacturing Centre
Application for Leasing Premises at Data Technology Hub
Invitation to Expression of Interest for Leasing Premises/Land in Industrial Estate
Invitation for Tender for the Leasing of Three Sites In Yuen Long InnoPark
Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Site(s) in Tai Po InnoPark
Ad Dth Agency Engagement

Join Us

If you are interested to

  • Lease land in InnoParks — Develop your proprietary manufacturing base by leasing available land plots in InnoParks.


  • Lease a space in our multi-storey industrial buildings — Optimise your production and technology development through the built-to-fit design of our technology-themed buildings, which are tailored to the industrialists’ needs for pilot production or advanced manufacturing.

Please complete and send us your “Expression of Interest”, or check out our Tender Notices to view the available premises.


*Land in Industrial Estates (now repositioned as InnoParks) has the following characteristics:

  1. The land is under a lease term with an expiry date of 30 June 2047.
  2. Restrictions on land use provisions apply. Any change to the permitted usage (CoU) is subject to HKSTP’s prior written approval.
  3. Sub-letting is not allowed.
  4. Restrictions on mortgages and charges for land apply.
  5. No assignment.
  6. Commitment by the lessee according to the approved admission application including but not limited to investment, commencement of operations, output, etc
  7. Lease enforcement procedures: HKSTP carries out lease enforcement with regard to the facts and circumstances of each case. Generally, when there is a suspected breach of the lease, HKSTP will first seek clarifications from the concerned lessee. If the lessee fails to provide a reply to the satisfaction of HKSTP, HKSTP will take further steps, including but not limited to serving a notice of breach and applying for an order of repossession from the Court.

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