Advanced Manufacturing Centre

Bringing “Innovated, Designed and Made in Hong Kong” to Life

The state-of-the-art Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) is a pioneering advanced high-end manufacturing base for forward-looking industrialists and manufacturers, providing a foundation for the “new industrialisation” goals in Hong Kong. The AMC acts as a solution for innovative entrepreneurs to help turn their ideas into innovative products, streamline the production process, and fast-track these products into the market.

Located at Tseung Kwan O InnoPark, the centre boasts a high ceiling height of 6 metres on each floor and a grid size of 12m x 12m, providing a versatile and efficient space for manufacturing. AMC is fitted with advanced manufacturing and testing processes, enabling companies of all sizes to engage in highly customised production for high-value-added but low-volume tech innovations. AMC’s comprehensive, scalable and efficient manufacturing space comes with dedicated logistics, warehousing, prototyping, low-volume assembly, and cleanroom services.

Combining these factors, AMC has revolutionised manufacturing in Hong Kong by providing a state-of-the-art production base with advanced processes and services for companies of all sizes and manufacturers to quickly and efficiently bring their innovative ideas to life.

A World Class, Comprehensive Advanced Manufacturing Base in Hong Kong

Advanced Manufacturing Centre assists advanced manufacturing enterprises of all sizes in Innofacturing Tomorrow and realising technology-driven growth with:

A one-stop, purpose-built production base in Hong Kong, designed to fast-track advanced manufacturing activities - from idea development to commercialisation of innovative, quality products.
Access to Asia’s first intelligent logistics services
Advanced manufacturing and testing process utilities that meet high value-added and highly customised production demands

Award-Winning Facilities

With its high-quality architecture and purpose-oriented, sustainable design, our TKO centre has won recognition from various local, regional and international awards, all of which are listed below:

Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards 2022: Infrastructure Technology - Industrial Construction Winner
Autodesk Hong Kong Building Information Modelling (BIM) Awards 2021 Winner
Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence 2020 – Certificate of Merit
Rethinking The Future Awards – Third Award
Rethinking The Future Awards 2020 Third Award | Institutional (Concept)
CIC Celebration of BIM Achievement 2020 – Winner of BIM Project 2020

At a Glance

Year of Completion:



18 Chun Cheong St, Tseung Kwan O INNOPARK

Land Area:

2.71 Hectares

Gross Floor Area:

108,580 m2 ( 1.1 million ft2 )



Building Provision

Ceiling Height:


Grid Size:

12 m x 12 m

Floor Loading:

15  KPa



Professional Service Provision For High Production Efficiency

Leveraging AMC’s shared services, industrialists can focus their valuable resources on core propositions.


ProShop – Commercialisation Base for Advanced Technologies

Unleash the possibilities at our Advanced Manufacturing Centre Proshop, where we redefine boundaries in speed, scale, and complexity for the next generation of intelligent manufacturing in Hong Kong. Witness the brilliance of Industry 4.0 innovations as we propel the commercialisation of Hong Kong's groundbreaking inventions and unleash the potential of our engineers in i4.0 technology.


Third Party Logistics (3PL) Services

Logistics automation & total solution at AMC is powered by DB Schenker, a leading global logistics service provider. The following animation video demonstrates 3PL services at AMC:

By leveraging AMC’s shared services, industrialists can focus their valuable resources on core propositions.


Who Should Innofacture at AMC?

The Advanced Manufacturing Centre at Hong Kong Science Park offers a range of facilities and services to support the "new industrialisation" goals of Hong Kong. The TKO centre is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing processes, enabling companies of all sizes and manufacturers in Hong Kong to engage in highly customised production for high-value-added but low-volume tech innovations. It is the ideal base for the following industries:

Medical, health and hospital devices and equipment
Robo-electronics and smart power devices for smart city applications
Smart electronics and optical equipment
Smart sensor fabrication, semiconductor advanced packaging
Biomedical engineering devices, implants and equipment

Other industries that facilitate the growth of the advanced manufacturing ecosystem are welcomed, including:

  • Analytical labs, testing & certification labs
  • Advanced product packaging manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of advanced technology / new materials
  • Upstream / downstream manufacturing
  • Media Highlights




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